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January 11th, 2012 · No Comments · travel

This blog works. Almost a year ago I wrote a post on online travel sides hawking cheap fairs and the ultimately awful experience I would up having with TravelSpot.Us (which also operates under the alias “”. Here is the original post

The fact that I’m in advertising and fell for a Google Adwords Sponsor can be mitigated by the fact that I only learned about such things a few months ago since joining AT&T Interactive.

You are much better off going to and finding a local travel agent to work with you as your travel partner. I used to spend so much time starting with Orbitz, then going to Expedia, found out about Kayak, Priceline, but you know what? It’s all just advertising. Just like when I fell for switching from AT&T back to Verizon Wireless. Note – I have a Blackberry on AT&T now.

It the end you spend aot more time, and then have a mountain of restrictions and NO, I mean ZERO customer service all to save a hundred bucks.

The experience is nauseating as you’re bombarded with dozens of search results and pop-up ads. If you do what I do now and call Rose Travel a New York City Travel Agency in Brooklyn that gives expert and personalized service, you’ll have your tickets and an advocate for maybe fifty dollars more. No more being frustrated by dirty dealing like with sites like Make friends with your travel agent again.

First, your travel agent is going to have inside information that you’ll never get from the search engines such as which days are better for departures and returns and what airlines have certain pricing tricks. For instance Jet Blue is cheaper on Tuesdays and Saturdays. These kinds of quirks are only that much prevalent in international travel which is what Rose Travel specializes in.

Seconly there are so many hidden fees and surcharges. And if you’re getting travel insurance, which you should almost always get for international travel, don’t trust a website. I trust my Brooklyn NY Travel Agent Rose Travel.

Then there’s the who baggage problem. With a website that’s on you. Rather than spend a extra hour online reading terms and conditions I would rather ask my travel agent who will give me the answer in 20 seconds.

True there may be some web only specials but I would only buy directly from the airlines. However, if I’m flying internationally I would readily spend the little extra money to have someone advocating for and working for me back home. Online travel sites definitely had their day in the sun but it’s interesting to see that, at least to me, the circle has come 360 and I would much moreso use my travel agent. Just like I have my own Insurance Agent.

And how about pillows, blankets, food like kosher meals, snacks, headphones, and all of the other things that airlines try to get away with adding onsell you while you choke on stale air in that cramped little seat.

Time is money. So I’m not dealing with a website. The extra couple of bucks I spend for a knowledgeable Travel Agency like Rose Travel is worth every penny rather than to have hours and hours of headaches later.

Ask any business person you know. They all have their own travel agent.

I suggest you do what I did and get reacquainted with yours too. Need a good one? Click on the graphic below.

Rose Travel is the best Travel Agency in Brooklyn NY

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