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November 28th, 2010 · 2 Comments · theater

I was invited to check out the dress rehearsal of Vicky Stark’s Production of “Woman As Mother” (an evening of short plays) at the Roy Arias Theater 300 West 43rd Street.

What I saw was impressive with respect to diversity of actors on stage and especially the writing. The dialog in each short that I was able to catch was not over my head or pretentious but transported me back to several different conversations I’ve had with my mom or have been privy to with others.

One play in particular, “The Quilt” had me hanging on every piece of dialog. It’s about a successful business woman and her mother who is now elderly but wanting to stay active in her business pursuits. But she is falling and having accidents, her memory is fading. The conflict arises between mother and daughter when the latter comes up with a plan to move her mother in with her to the west coast. This comes as a surprise to all and the interaction is very real, almost heartbreaking.

With issues such as an aging population and long term care looming large for our country, this play really hits the mark. Here is a link to the Facebook page (click on the invite).

Woman As Mother

Woman As Mother

A little bit about Vicky Stark from her website. She spent 18-months in Manhattan taking evening courses at the New York Film Academy, HB Studio and the Neighborhood Playhouse. A job at the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation helped pay the rent. Launched in April 2008, Vicky Stark Inc.—Strategic Communication for Performing Arts sees her using her many skills to help make a positive contribution to Africa and the planet.

It’s a very interesting site which you can visit here.

The show starts at 7:30 pm with a cast party after so if you are in Manhattan and want to see some excellent story telling and acting, don’t miss this show.

`One Night Stand’:
Written by Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky, Directed by Mark Forlenza
The Cast:
Robbie – Chadley Miller
Jasmine – Vicky Stark

`Movie Date’:
Written by Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky, Directed by Mary Fassino
The Cast:
Pauline – Ana Grosse
Louise – Elizabeth Bove

Written by Rumana Habib, Directed by Paul Weissman
The Cast:
Mona – Sarah Doudna
Alex – Dennis Brito

`Taking Back Woodstock’:
Written by Rumana Habib, Directed by Mary Fassino
The Cast:
Fatima – Sunita Mukhi
Zubair – Sitij Agrawal

`The Quilt’:
Written by Randy McHaney, Directed by Dawn Knipe
The Cast:
Tempie – Grace Gawthrop
Hannah – Jessica Seley

`Wedding Cake’:
Written by Vicky Stark, Directed by Dawn Knipe
The Cast:
Irina – Maria Smushkovich
Natasha – Eliza Vasquez

`Birth Certificate’:
Written and directed by Vicky Stark
The Cast:
Jane – Kendall Schultz
Mother – Vicky Stark

Written and directed by Yael Barel and Shah Motia
Wife – Yael Barel
Husband – Shah Motia

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  • Chad Miller

    Brian, thanks so much for the write-up. Like you, I am impressed with the diversity of talent on the stage. I’ve never been a part of something with actors of all ages and ethnicities. A multi-patchwork quilt, if you will. The end result is that these plays are accessible for many ages and cultures, and thus a more diverse audience as well.

  • admin

    Hi Chad,

    I finished digitizing the footage today. Really good stuff. Waiting on Vicky to find out what’s next. I’d love to edit the two angles together.


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