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April 14th, 2011 · 4 Comments · theater

Take note theater producers, if you need a FDNY Approved (I have my official card) FIREGUARD, you can now call me.

In order for there to even be a show I had to take and pass an exam offered at the FDNY Offices in the Metrotech Center in Brooklyn. First of all you have to hunt for the proper study guides and there are some practice exams available. For instance you need to know the different types of fire extinguishers and what types put out what types of fires, or how many spare sprinkler heads you need to have on site. What an OAY Valve is and what position it should be in. How many times a year (or day) different kinds of equipment needs to be checked, where hazardous materials should be store, the difference between single action and double action call boxes…. I think you get the point.

I thought going in that it was going to be the stuff about crawling on the floor and basic fire drill stuff. Uh uh. It was hard and I had to study several hours to take and pass the exam.

So. You want to become a NYC FDNY approved, card carrying Fireguard like me. Or just make sure you can put on your show. Even if not let’s see how much you know. Do yourself a favor and take this quiz. TAKE THE FDNY NYC FIREGUARD QUIZ HERE.

Now after you get a 50 you may want to study this FDNY APPROVED F-94 FIREGUARD MANUAL

No need to thank me. Enjoy.

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  • heena mehta

    i have a position open for a fireguard. if your intrested, please email me.
    thank you

  • Erin Gilmore

    I am looking to hire a fireguard for this weekend August 18th-21st. Please let me know if you are inetrested/available.


  • admin

    The Fireguard says…. “Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!!!”

  • Eric Mark Olson

    Hi, I have a need for a Fire Guard next weekend for a production with 4 performances at SoHo Rep’s Walkerspace Theatre. Please let me know if interested/available. Show dates/times:
    Fri, July 29 @ 7pm
    Sat, July 30@ 2pm & 7pm
    Sun, July 31 @ 3pm

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