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December 1st, 2010 · 1 Comment · theater

What a great time. My wife Shorena and I went to the theater the other night to see Vicky Stark’s production of “Woman As Mother”, An Evening Of Short Plays.

I’ll be blogging about the show at a later date but I was just checking out some of the photos from the cast party afterwards.

I mean look at us. We look like we’re in love, new to each other, like we’ve just started going out. It felt great sitting down to dinner and drinks (open bar and amazing tapas) at the Film Center Cafe.

All the actors from the show were there and a lot of fun to party with. It’s so great to get out of the house and have a martini or two while the kids are safe at Grandma’s.

It’s a must and something Shorena and I have been finding the time and taking advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves.

Do we look like we’re in love? We are.

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  • NINA

    u guys r so cute….i’m so happy for you. i love secend pic… much love in those eyes…..

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