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May 12th, 2013 · No Comments · Television

The Trouble With Star Trek, And It's Not Tribbles

The Trouble With Star Trek, And It’s Not Tribbles

The Trouble With Star Trek… . Were it only so simple as Tribbles.

I wouldn’t say they’re phoning it in on this one but once again – the Plot is predictable. In the vein of the Super Hero Genre movies, the last 6 Star Trek movies feature a pissed off Arch Villain.

BORING! This Daddy Blogger is getting fed up. I mean, going back to Star Trek Generations!

We have a new, vibrant cast lead by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto that the public has bought in, none more than the highly critical Trekkie fan base. So why is the opportunity to rework the story line with Klingons, Romulans going to waste. Not to mention Gorns, Tholians… bratty princesses (Elaan of Troyus), empaths (The Empath),

You cannot tell me that the Star Trek brain trust hasn’t gone back and looked at the episode guide from TOS and been able to come up with something more than the pissed off super villain. This time it’s Benedict Cumberbatch.

I’ll still go but – I already know how the story ends. The earth is saved.

Roddenberry created a vehicle in the form of a space western that afforded him a platform to draw parallels with real life back here on earth. It’s a shame that JJ Abrams can’t do the same.

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