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March 21st, 2010 · 1 Comment · Technology

Don’t know why I follow this person but do I care that she’s doing the laundry? Having barbeque? Whatever? At least she’s not trying to tell me about the latest greatest affiliate marketing lead gen money making scheme. But Half her tweets are to someone named Josh who has the same last name!

I just got off the phone (that’s right there are things still called home phones with texting), with my friend Chris Conway. We were discussing a rapper we once worked with who doesn’t deserve mention here. Suffice it to say we wrote a bunch of songs and produced her album which went nowhere. You screw people over and you reap what you sew.

But I’m getting away from the point. He said “yeah I read your blog.” Ironically I do follow him on Twitter though I see him more on FB. Anyway we caught up but I thought it was interesting because I only glance at my Twitter account from time to time. Then when I do all I see for the most part is this inane crap.

If you have something to say, blog. If you have only a short space to say it in Tweet. But if you’re a nobody (no offense Amy but I’m no one special either), I can’t imagine why 4000 people that supposedly follow you would care that you’re doing your laundry?

Hillary Duff (or was it Hannah Montana), discontinued her Twitter account because everyone was talking but no one was listening. I think she even wrote a song about it.

And she’s doing a lot more than the laundry. So if you’re trying to be all that in the world of social media? I suppose my advice is, use it when appropriate and try the telephone or turn your head and speak to someone. Especially if they’re in the same room as you.


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  • Wish

    Same sentiments here. Some people use tweeting or FB news feed to try and seek attention. This is the Online Attention Deficit Syndrome. But nobody really cares what you eat or if you’re leaving the house. Yet sensible ones may grab a target topic or theme to their tweets, depending on their industry, hobby or what they’re known for. Too much information doesn’t really make the cut for others unless you’re a celebrity or you have a stalker.

    The one who stopped her tweets is Miley Cyrus (yes, that Hanna Montana)… it was not really about she’s not being heard but it was her fault in the first place to be tweeting too much of her personal life and complaining how people around bash her for it. Well, juveniles.

    Your conclusion is still the best. Back to basics of real human interaction. I am just about to send a thank you card via “snail mail” to my bestfriend. We still love it. It’s more personal.

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