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TYRANNY IS HERE – Ronald Reagan’s Morning In America Turns Dark

December 8th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology

Tyranny is here. Ronald Reagan’s American Morning is turning dark.

Whoever thought that information, data, the concepts of 1’s and 0’s would be as deadly as bullets? Yes, the Infowar has begun.

I got a call from a number today from someone that wasn’t there. Wait let me rephrase that, it was a Google Voice number, which people are using sort of in the same way as Skype. Hmmm, not much wrong there, but wait, my new Motorola Droid X won’t set up my calendar independently (like say my iPhone or any of the other 10 phones I have in my closet).

As good as Google Products are like Gmail and Picasaweb, when did I agree to buy a phone in which it was required for me to set up my account with a calendar on Google? I have a facebook account, but I just as well couldn’t. That’s another thing. By default Facebook comes as a messaging application, not as some independent social media app. Again, hmmmmm…

That’s Point 1

Do you remember not too long ago hearing about a new or second internet? One that was supposed to be much faster (by up to 100 times)? For the elites though not us. And comes this new business about Wikileaks (see last night’s post).

Perhaps this Julian Assange fellow is the new Lee Harvey Oswald? Sounds like he’s being made into the informational equivalent of a Patsy. He’s a hacker. And now all the hackers are uniting behind him.

The infowar has begun. And there will be measures taken to protect us against terrorists posing as hackers such as legislation which will curtail our right to free speech.

That’s Point 2

And now a the deployment of the Domestic Police Force by Homeland Security.

It’s like a Stasi type society such as existed in East Berlin. Walmart has allowed trying to find Al Quaeda will jump up and bite you.

Walmart Public Service announcements are reminiscent of Hitler, Stalin and Mao who deployed similar tactics which serve as a Domestic Police Force – the use of Government Screens.

That’s Point 3

And so the battle between the elites and the rest of us has taken on a new dynamic. There’s the “Secure Corps” or Boy Scouts practicing taking on Vets to confiscate their guns and PSA’s and license plates telling me to watch my neighbors! Did you see suspicicious activity?

Where do we draw our constitutional line in the stand people. What will you do during the time that tyranny is rising up against us.

Look around. Take your head out of the sans before it’s too late. Speak out. Or we’ll be setting democracy back years, 27 on January first to be exact.

Now talk about creepy, here’s Apple’s 1984 Commercial. Life Imitates Art.

Tyranny Is Here.  Ronald Reagan's Morning in America Turns Dark

Tyranny Is Here. Ronald Reagan's Morning in America Turns Dark

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