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June 23rd, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology

Hey, Britney Spears, Ashton kutcher, Ellen DeGeneres, Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, John Mayer, Ryan Seacrest, Ashley Tisdale, CNN Breaking News, Shaquille O’Neal, Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Demi Moore, 50cent, P. Diddy, Jimmy Fallon, Lance Armstrong, The New York Times, Justin Timberlake, Google, The Onion, Chelsea Handler, Ashlee SimpsonTwitter is Over Capacity.

Ugh! Again? Twitter is Over Capacity. Let’s get a screenshot just to make sure that Twitter is Over Capacity. Yup. Twitter is Over Capacity. Damn, that sucks. Twitter being over capacity.

Twitter is Over Capacity

Twitter is Over Capacity

Sucks for these people – I mean, you know with Twitter being over Capacity and all. But then again – probably a good amount have their assistants do 99 percent of them. That are being ordered to tag a long by the account rep at the Public Relations Agency to follow along and do a TWIT PIC – and then, oops….. Twitter is over capacity.

“Excuse me – Naomi, Naomi Campbell….. can someone get Naomi Campbell – down in front for me?….”
“Do you think I could just get you one more time – Twitter is Over Capacity and….”
“That’s my cell phone…”

Britney Spears 5,186,029 followers (Coming Back Nicely)
Ashton kutcher 5,120,521 followers (Don’t Get It)
Ellen DeGeneres 4,768,993 followers (What’s her name is bumming)
Barack Obama 4,324,057 followers (At least he’s in front of the slut)
Kim Kardashian 3,895,934 followers (Not bad being right behind the President)
Oprah Winfrey 3,704,270 followers (Yawn)
Taylor Swift 3 3,458,725 followers (I suppose)
John Mayer 3,353,761 followers (Good Guitar Player)
Ryan Seacrest 3,209,919 followers (Can some tell me what he ever did?)
Ashley Tisdale 3,160,186 followers (cute)
CNN Breaking News 3,149,051 followers (ummmmm – why?)
THE_REAL_SHAQ 2,959,481 followers (performing random acts of Shaqness, Oh I get it… ha ha)
Mariah Carey 2,891,610 followers (I overheard these girls at a club saying – Mariah Carey? Isn’t she dead?”
Coldplay 2,865,091 followers (You heard one Coldplay song you’ve heard em all. Are their tweets the same?)
Demi Moore 2,771,919 followers (That’s Mrs. Kutcher to you
50cent 2,694,317 followers (You gotta hand it to him)
P Diddy 2,648,232 followers (Not Funny)
Jimmy Fallon 2,611,730 followers (Doing Nicely – got nothing against Jimmy – rarely watch but…)
Lance Armstrong 2,525,807 followers – (not sure why you’d follow this)
The New York Times 2,465,185 followers (Their the ones that can get you past the velvet ropes – remember? It said so in the subway ad!)
Justin Timberlake 2,426,392 followers (As long as he’s not making songs I’m happy)
Google 2,292,807 followers (Again – WHY?)
The Onion 2,251,516 followers (Funny stuff)
Chelsea Handler 2,241,646 followers (Who?)
Ashlee Simpson Wentz 2,205,085 followers (See Mariah Carey comment).

Also an interesting link on celeb tweeting. What do you think it’s called? Click Here

As of 15 hours ago here they are:

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