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July 17th, 2013 · No Comments · Technology

We’re all used to getting screwed by Verizon going back decades. So what’s a few more years?

no verizon fios brooklyn

no verizon fios brooklyn

For years (literally years) I have been seeing advertising for “Super Fast Internet” available from Verizon Fios. So how is it that that Verizon is so SUPER SLOW in getting to my (or most other buildings) in the part of Brooklyn I live in.

For years, Verizon FIOS in Brooklyn seems to be a little more than a myth as time and time again, call up and the answer is always the same – NOPE. By the time that Verizon FIOS gets full coverage in Brooklyn (which seemingly may take a generation), the next content delivery platform will inevitably arrive (leveraging WIFI, WIMAX or something else) and the search for VERIZON FIOS BROOKLYN will be a thing of the past.

With hungry tech companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, Facebook and others all beginning to get into each other’s business, it a wonder what the strategy is for Verizon FIOS? IF you put in the search terms “No Verizon FIOS Brooklyn” (into Google), there are several posts from disenchanted internet users from Brooklyn Heights to Park Slope to Northern Brooklyn and now from me in South Brooklyn.


Then I came upon this interesting article about Verizon lagging on delivering its FIOS services. Supposedly Verizon promised to have complete coverage in Brooklyn by 2014. AIN’T HAPPENING. But of course what’s wrong with overpromising to get the green light and then inconveniencing everyone. That’s SOP in the world of big business. And we’re not alone. Check out this article about Baltimore having the same FIOS experience. Click on the question mark above.

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