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March 18th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology

Here are my notes that I made from studying and condensing the Wiki on my to meet a very important guy named Ari Zoldan (google him).

WIMAX Markup

Got the Listeners
It’s a glass is half full situation.

The good news is that through the PR window, all you have to do to justify a budget is show eyeballs. So it comes down to the data. How many people saw it, tell me as much as you can about them. If people don’t see it, you can’t present the data. Which is why the Data Offload article started me thinking.

There are lots of new sexy branding things that I see or read about almost daily but those gimmicks don’t stick. These “old time” PR types are only just now talking about “social media” years after the fact. So the low hanging fruit is, for now, blogging everyday, producing and distributing short videos, along with registering users and growing lists organically are about as simple as I can make it for these old line PR and Corp Comm people. It’s time-consuming and a lot of educating.

The Concept of GCMP was to transition “Shoot/Edit/Feed business” to web. Webcasting, Blogcasting, Skype interviews, and my favorite concept – doing remote webcasts from the Street, or from a store. No more expensive Satellite trucks. Here’s the concept that I had. rolls up in a branded SUV, backstage, behind the scenes to produce, capture and deliver exclusive content.

Watch Mobile Streaming via txt link – but with the carriers there’s that first Mile over 5gb limit. Sprint used to have an unlimited data plan.

Now WIMAX suddenly seems more appealing doesn’t it?

Bandwidth and range

1. Connecting Wi-Fi hotspots to Web
2. Wireless alternative to cable/DSL 3. 3. “last mile”
4. Triple play
5. Connectivity as part continuity plan
6. Providing portable connectivity.
7. Broadband access
8. May bring lower pricing home/biz
9. Access to economically unavailable.

Business continuity and connectivity backup.
After tsunami only amateur radio
Intel assisted FCC/FEMA after Katrina
(self-healing mesh, VoIP, and a satellite uplink combined with Wi-Fi on the local link).

Indoor and outdoor versions
Indoor convenient but must be closer
higher investment & operational cost
comparable in size to a cable modem
Outdoor units are size of a laptop
Installation same as satellite dish.

Mobile WiMAX
Incl: handsets (similar to smartphones) PC peripherals (Cards or USB dongles)
** Embedded devices in laptops
Gaming consoles, MP3 players, etc.

** StreamAware
WiMAX more similar Wi-Fi than 3G

Current certified devices can be found at the WiMAX Forum web site. This is not a complete list of devices available as certified modules are embedded into laptops, MIDs (Mobile internet devices), and private labeled devices.

Mobile handset applications

Click on the image to watch this video. It’s pretty good 101 introduction to the concept of wireless data delivery.

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