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August 4th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Social Commentary, Technology

As 2012 approaches can you imagine?

I’m sitting vigil here prayer for my best friend’s daughter who fell out a window, even have a Facebook Prayer thread going and am monitoring every email, FB post, text and call and at 9:15 my land line rings.

I run to the phone not knowing what to expect.

But it’s a Political Robocall about some slimebag politicians who are ignoring term limits in Palm Beach County Florida. No way to speak to anyone, no way to opt out, just people being disturbed.

This post is going to be short because I’m waiting to hear about my friend’s daughter but visit this website and support them. If there’s ever been a good non-profit cause this is one of them.

This is not free speech it’s harassment.

I will amend this post later with some statistics but for now click the picture.

Stop Political Robocalls

Stop Political Robocalls

With 2012 coming – get ready to be totally inconvenienced with Political #Robocalls. Do something about it and visit

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  • Shaun Dakin

    Thanks much for the shout out.

    We are also creating a business that will give voters the tools to robocall politicians themselves.

    Think about it as payback !

    Shaun Dakin
    CEO and Founder of
    CEO and Founder of

    NOTE: is a business, not a non profit. is a non profit

  • admin

    Hi Shaun,

    Fortunately I received the call I was waiting for and my friend’s daughter, while badly banged up, is okay. Not even 2 minutes after texting with him (no phone calls in ICU), I get another robocall about reducing my credit cards’ interest rates as if I’m a customer from (406) 224-9078. I registered with and promptly filed a complaint. I just don’t understand how the politicians feel it’s freedom of speech to intrude into the sanctity of our homes and disturb us. Go get EM! In fact, My friend is the head of a large NYC/LA PR Agency that might be interested in working with you to get the word out. Will forward him this post. B

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