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June 24th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology


This doesn’t quite qualify as What The Hell Is Going On but more like OMG WTF?

I mean, I certainly wasn’t looking for a fight and would have much preferred to pick Henry Chan’s brain about Social Commerce like we were doing in Stuy Park. But we went to an event “Green and Gorgeous” hosted by “” which turned out to be downright UGLY while the Costume Shop in New York City’s East Village, full of some of the most hideous masks you’ll ever see, turned out to be Beautiful!

Here’s what happened and my take, and opinion, on how we were treated at the Heather Heron store in NYC.

Found out about a new line of cosmetics we wanted to check out at the “Green and Gorgeous Event” at 876 Broadway (we’re thinking maybe it’s the old Underground Nightclub?). No such luck. It was at some bland store Heather Heron’s Environment (spelled with a backwards e – how cool). Whatever? You know a store is totally lame, unoriginal and out of ideas when they have to resort to putting Vinyl on the wall). If you’re John Varvatos and buy CBGB – you’re allowed. But otherwise – it’s lame.

But wait… Isn’t Vinyl Eco-UNFRIENDLY? Google “Toxic Vinyl”. The first link is like – Greenpeace. Uhhh… Wait – does DAVIDE BERRUTO, CEO, JEAN-MARIE MASSAUD, Creative Director and Designer, ALDO CIBIC, Designer and ALESSANDRO LA SPADA, Designer know about this. Eco-what? According to Vinyl’s other major chemical components – EDC and VCM – have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Now – again – punks will sniff glue so I don’t think they’re too worried about spinning vinyl. But if you’re branding yourself as the Eco-Friendly Queen – it’s kinda dumb.

Then again – it’s not these guys’ faults. Probably too busy rooting for their OLD Italian team in the World Cup to care that their NEW YORK STORE IS ADORNED WITH VINYL ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Here’s a pic.

Heather Heron Decorates New York City Store With Vinyl?

Heather Heron Decorates New York City Store With Vinyl? Let's Go To The Costume Shop

Ooops. First mistake. Again it comes down to brands. You’re positioning yourself as one thing but the dimwit who designed the store didn’t think it through. To make matters worse, neither did the crew of who were quick to roll up their one piece stantion touting their 7.5 million viewers. Surely with so many resources they would do a little more due diligence about the space before hosting an “Eco Friendly Event.”

Anyway, Dalia was late because she was giving another interview which left us sitting around this dumpy store that looked more like a Russian Gulag. I’ve seen Vintage shops that looked nicer. Nevertheless while we were waiting, we could, and offered to, film and talk to some of the other exhibitors at this “Green and Gorgeous” event – some of which looked very interesting and share the content. But we respected the wishes of this event organizer who probably would want to consider buying some of this make-up that was being exhibited.

But we kept getting the “we have to call corporate” bit and they just let us sit there for an hour. We asked a few times if they’d heard anything and these two…. Um… What should I call them…. Representatives….. Got progressively annoyed with us. It was kind of funny.

You only brought a photographer? You have a website right? You’re throwing an event right? In NYC right? These exhibitors can talk right.

Oooops. Second Mistake.

That’s when Johanna Engel (and I always got along well with girls named Johanna – back in the eighties), put her hand in my face and gave us the “bottom line” speech. LOL. The “bottom line” was that they weren’t interested in us being there, getting any video or otherwise. No prob, but couldn’t they have just told us that an hour earlier?

Oooops. Third Mistake. Now you made me mad.

So we left and I know as long as I have my camera, I’m going to get something for’s Style Channel. And that’s what’s so great about New York, and GCMP. So the “Green and Gorgeous Event sucked.” More particularly, the “Green and Gorgeous Event at the Heather Heron Environment store” sucked, and wasn’t worth our time. But we found something a lot better.

The one and only Costume Shop on Broadway a few blocks away. Talked to a guard, told him I wanted to film a profile piece for GCMP’s Style Channel, who radioed the head guy and away we went. No hang ups. Just regular people. No attitude.

It turned out to be very simple. The Store Manager recognized the value of free PR. I did a walk through, got an impromptu magic show, Filled out a media form, and said Thank You Very Much. Oh, and now I have a professional discount at their prop shop!

If you’re annoyed that Heather Heron, the environmental queen is okay with decorating her New York Store with Toxic Vinyl you can write her here:, and also let Carolyn Brundage of know that she should have a talk with the….. people….. who work for her in New York. I never knew this site existed despite it’s claim to have 7.5 million sign ups???? She’s here –

I assssssumed the event organizers were freelancers but Johanna Engel is, in my opinion, one unqualified “National Director of Marketing and Advertising.” All you have to do is look at’s website. The website is awful in contrast to Michelle Madhok’s or Better’s site. What an awful experience with

Again – I personally have nothing against vinyl – Just dimwitted people, general idiocy and hypocrisy…. and especially when they’re all in one place at the same time. Finally let me say this. I have spent thousands on props in the Costume Shop on a commercial, a book trailer and a musical. I wouldn’t spend ONE CENT in a Heather Heron store. The reality show we’re doing with NYC’s top brokers, and their celebrity clients from the UES to the Hamptons will hear from me until I get this out of my system. Don’t bother with but I think Heather Heron means well – just probably too big now to mind the store… no pun intended.

And a big shout out to The Costume Shop for acting like a retail outlet that wants people to walk through its doors or visit its website. We turned around this clip btw it should be known in 4 hours and that includes the research, blog post and syndication about the experience.

Who knew that by and it’s organizers being so ill-accommodating, that it would pay off with a much more visual piece. One that our viewers will appreciate far more than’s Green and Gorgeous event which was a total waste of time.

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