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December 28th, 2010 · No Comments · Technology

This post is prompted by my wife and I watching disappeared. It’s ghoulish but at the same time informative and potentially useful as our kids get older. So why aren’t more people using these?

I’ve had my eye on a company called “Digital Angel” for a long time. According to their website Digital Angel (OTCBB: DIGA) is an advanced technology company in the field of animal identification and emergency identification solutions. Digital Angel’s products are utilized around the world in such applications as pet identification, using its patented, FDA-approved implantable microchip; livestock identification and herd management using visual and radio frequency identification (RFID) ear tags; and global positioning systems (GPS) search and rescue beacons for army, navy and air force applications worldwide.

A significant portion of end of the world theorists believe this is the “stamp or mark of the best” spoken of in revelations. But imagine the power someone one have when in a dangerous live threatening situation to grab your wrist or arm and activate a signal call for help to 911.

The current, in use, biochip implant system is actually a fairly simple device. Today’s, biochip implant is basically a small (micro) computer chip, inserted under the skin, for identification purposes. The biochip implant system consists of two components; a transponder and a reader or scanner. The transponder is the actual biochip implant. The biochip system is a radio frequency identification (RFID) system, using low-frequency radio signals to communicate between the biochip and reader. The reading range or activation range, between reader and biochip is small, normally between 2 and 12 inches. These chips which are injected under the skin by a syringe and contain ID information are a great protection to have. How many parents of disappeared kids wish they had the benefit of these now?

Now, ADT, by all measures a company that is trusted, has developed a new apparatus for location and monitoring of humans has been developed. The device employs a unique programmable signal generator and detection system to locate and monitor the movement of individuals. It additionally utilizes a physiological monitoring system to signal a warning for the necessity for immediate help. The device is small enough to be implanted in young children as well as adults. The power supply and signal generator are designed to function at a low duty cycle for prolonged periods before recharging.

All of these technologies are promising. I can tell you that as our kids get older, we will look for the most reasonable and inexpensive way to make use of such technology – of course – without running afoul of Revelations.

Anything to avoid my daughter becoming a Missing Person on her way to who knows where – a destination unknown.

Here’s Missing Persons with Destination Unknown.

Digital Angel Protect My Angel

Digital Angel Protect My Angel

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