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December 8th, 2011 · No Comments · Technology

My Digital Life - What to do with all these CDs

My Digital Life - What to do with all these CDs

It’s taking forever. But year after year my CDs take up shelves and shelves of space and sit there. I’ve digitized some songs and then can’t find them because either a hard drive crash or I sold a computer – and now I’ve got to digitize them all again.

Led Zeppelin, Simple Minds, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Alice in Chains, Bad Hotel, Tea Party, James Levine, Christopher Taylor, B52s, Barbara Streisand, Beatles, Blondie, Coheed & Cambria, Madness, Specials, English Beat, Devo, Eric Johnson, Gina G, New Order, Orianthi, Pretenders, Queens of the Stone Age, Radical Records, Sarina Suno and many, many more.

So I got another hard drive and am dumping all my discs onto them and putting them into storage.

As I look at each one I remember a week or two when I was listening hard to a specific artist or band. In the case of say Zeppelin, many times so it varies by the song.

DVDs too.

I’ve got the best of the best… Star Trek the Original Series, Deep Space Nine, Clint Eastwood, Scarface, Godfather, Tron, Dark City, Dune, Charlie Brown, The Singing Detective, How the West Was Won, Kissology, Woody Allen, X Files, The Moderns, and so on. It goes on forever.

But I just don’t have the room anymore and futher, what if and what when the DVDs get defective? I don’t have the patience to sit and rip DVDs though my friend does this. It sure seems practical though in order to save space.

I recently posted about the usefulness of putting content up on the cloud and the Carbonite platform. Here is yet another instance of its importance. I began scanning my baby pictures and photographs from my ancestors and, will somehow have to find the time to get back to that project.

Then there’s all the video of me and my family and friends. To what end all of this?

Well a personal kiosk at my grave made of marble that a visitor can wave their hand over and see just what kind of a person I was of course. But I’m not the first person apparently to have this idea.

A man named Tyler Cassity is in the burial business and offers the creation of to go along with his funeral services.

And for the deceased?

Well, I guess we CAN take it with us. After all there’s a lot more room up there.

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