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November 27th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Technology

Let the TSA do their jobs

Anyone who reads my column knows that I’m a fan of Alex Jones. I’ve listened to Alex for a few years since first hearing him on Coast To Coast with Art Bell. Now there isnt a night that goes by that I dont listen via his iPhone App ( search previous posts), and In fact I probably tell a few people a week (Republican and Democrat alike), about his firebrand rhetorical style. He’s a libertarian, the political ideology with which I think I identify with more than any other. He speaks out, regularly, and vociferously so, against corporate greed, corruption, abuses of power and totalitarianism. One of the things I like about him is his ability, eagerness even, to cite facts and sources which give credence to his pot-stirring.

That said, I think Alex Jones has gone off track with respect to “Big Sis.”

For weeks now Alex has been railing, to the point where he’s made himself horse, against the TSA, primarily over the naked body scanners and opt-out pat downs.

Having just flown back and forth from New York to Florida for Thanksgiving I have to say I don’t think the level of concern that he exhibits on his show matches the facts. It’s a little ominous going into one of these machines, being told to stand on the yellow footprints and reach for the sky. In fact one has to make an almost Masonic type sign with their hands raised above their heads.

But you know, it did only take a few seconds and everyone in my family followed suit. Traveling with the baby, we were a little concerned that they’d make us spill out her food and formula. But this did not happen. Although we were scrutinized, they were courteous and expiditious. I didn’t see anyone being fondeled, harrassed or embarrassed in any way.

Now, I don’t know where Alex Jones was on 9/11. But I can tell you where I was…. next to the stock exchange on Broad and Water Streets covered in ash (see previous post re 9/11 on the anniversary for a detailed account).

Point is, I don’t want to live through another experience like that, much less having my kids be succeptible to such evil. We’ve heard about several terror plots that have been thwarted, others bungled, but one thing’s for sure, they’re coming.

So Alex, move on. John Boehner isnt a threat to blow up a plane. It’s the average looking guy. You’re onto something with the New World Order but let’s win the battles we can.

Are there some bad eggs in the TSA? No doubt. But if these cowards attempt to hijack planes in the future they’ll they’ll think twice lest the media jump down the Administration’s throat for being too lax.

So let the TSA do their jobs.

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  • fufun

    Wow you listened to AJ and you don’t know 911 inside Job? You can’t stop the cia from blowing up a plane!

  • admin

    I have listened and know that 9/11 was an inside job. Please see my post on the anniversary.

    I was down there that day but 5 days earlier (on the Thursday), I saw that something was up. There were also jets doing fly-bys the day before.

    That however has nothing to do with letting these guys do their job.

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