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March 28th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Technology

As many of you know EUROPA will be premiering on April 16th and running through the 20th for a limited engagement for backers at the Kraine Theater in NYC. I am fortunate in that I have been able to round up a great team, cast and crew to make this dream a reality. I haven’t had to lay out a cent but my partners have and I want to make sure that we at least cover the costs. To give you an idea we’re about half sold with under three weeks to go. So it’s a little nerve racking.

The premise of Kickstarter is that they “approve” your project and, we thought, get you exposure to people who could make micro donations to help you achieve a funding goal. We weren’t out to make any money, in fact we will (of course) lose money on putting on this play. But it would have been nice to get real costumes, a make-up artist/stylist, gotten some nice gadgets and props, perhaps a technical director… you get the idea. We also want to film and edit it but – we’ll have to be creative and industrious there too.

So we thought we’d really achieved something when said they approved our project to put up on their platform. The site purports to help artists, writers, designers (of all kinds!), filmmakers, musicians, journalists, athletes, adventurers, inventors, bloggers, illustrators, explorers, curators, promoters, performers, and others but really they’re just collecting data and money.

While it’s too much perhaps to call it the “kicstarter scam”, it’s slick and they have no audience for you.

If they actually had an environment that provided an audience of potential donors it would be a great idea..…. but they don’t. All they want you to do is “bring your own donors”, and what really stinks is that the process to get people to give has to go through amazon. Not your credit card, not paypal, but Amazon gets all that fresh data. So basically, it’s a data mining outfit with an added fee. They should be paying YOU for each person that signs up.

And if some other platform were to come out using this model, people would be leaving in droves. Because they’re not paying for data, which is all their site is about, because in the few weeks I had it up, and was promoting Kickstarter voraciously, no one wanted to go through signing up for amazon or giving out more info to become a member of their site. So I swiftly cancelled the project with 4 weeks to go, before anyone else got taken in.

What does do to earn your money or data? Nothing! Beware. Don’t be taken in by this hype.


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  • Tom

    Thanks for this word of warning. I was looking into using kickstarter to fund a project I’m considering, but I’m glad I haven’t signed up yet. I really thought the site was designed to find you supporters, but what you said here was a real eye opener.

  • admin

    Yeah – sorry but total waste of time though I do know of one project that was recently funded. The trick is to get 180 of your friends to help you reach a small goal – say $3,000. But don’t look for any exposure and then you have to sign up for Amazon….. they get everything and for what?

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