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February 7th, 2013 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology

GPS Tracking for Kids

Pedofiles beware. Now there are many wearable GPS Tracking and GPS implant products so that cops can quickly hunt you down.

GPS Tracking your kids was at one time unthinkable to me. And perhaps I’ve watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds, but I’m very suspicious about certain characters. These days parents can’t be too careful. There are way too many adults who fantasize and ultimately act out sexually engaging kids or children. And I feel the need to make sure one of them doesn’t get his hands on my daughter.

Recently there was a story about a NYC Teacher (there are so many) that engaged in sex with a 13 year old repeatedly and somehow, the guy is getting off with 4 months. Do you think normal marital sex will ever be possible for someone like this again. I doubt it.

Point is he’ll be back out on the street assuming he survives protective custody at Rikers Island. But I digress. The point is there are dangerous people out there and kids have a way of wandering off or getting suckered in by strangers.

I don’t want to take the chance.

Implants? I won’t go so far lest I incur the wrath of God by perhaps getting the Mark of the Beast on my kids. However, I would consider these new gadgets in the forms of watches, and Velcro ankle or wrist bracelets. There are many companies out there that have clunky looking boxes that an abductor will just take off and discard.

The company that comes up with something like a line of underwear with a microchip sewn in, or a scrunchy, that’s the kind of item they will miss.

Just Google “GPS Tracking For Kids”.

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