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April 22nd, 2012 · No Comments · Business, Technology

As part of my continuing education in the digital marketing arena, I’ve decided to embark upon obtaining my Google Certification via their Online Certification Site. It’s pretty easy to get started though it’s like any other college level course. You have to read and understand the material, then test well in it. It’s not a cake walk.

By way of disclaimer I am paraphrasing some excellent points made on a thread on MetaFilter which you can find here or just read on.

In a nutshell the field is about how to serve up relevant search results and advertising to targeted users. What we are we talking about is basic online advertising concepts (i.e. PPC, search engine marketing). There are two ways to consider online marketing and advertising. The first is placing someone else’s ads on your website in order to monetize traffic or driving traffic to your site via advertising on other sites or search engines?

Google Adsense is a webmaster’s side of Google Adwords which is Google’s Pay Per Click program. It shows ads based primarily on the site content, but also individual visitor’s location, demographics (in some cases), etc. It lets the webmaster see how traffic is getting to their website and what spending is effective. For instance a user from Hawaii will see locally relevant ads whereas a visitor from Toronto will see a different set of ads.

Then there’s DART or Open Ad Stream which are equivalent products to Adsense. They are essentially ad inventory management tools to help you serve effective ads to visitors to your site whereas Adsense essentially IS the inventory.

For example, let’s say I if I had a deal with a sponsor who wanted 10,000 impressions of a banner in a particular place on my site, triggered only when a user visits my home page and stays there for more than 10 seconds. I’d use Open Ad Stream to track the behavior, trigger and track the ads as appropriate.

The roughly analogous product from Google is Google Ad Manager.

Here’s a nice 9 minute video about Google AdSense, AdWords and Ad Manager.

Google Certified

Click for a great video tutorial on Google Certified

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