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June 17th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology

As a partner in and the head of iProgram, I have a lot of views on a lot of things when it comes to media strategies. Whether it’s relationship management, satellite media tours, internet media tours, or ways in which to wag the dog, those media avenues are “fleeting.” All the eyeballs are going to the internet. Digital and Emerging Technologies we call it. And to DRAG these old time PR types to the new reality of the internet has been quite a haul. Although, one that’s getting easier. Almost like a sack with holes in it in which some heavy rocks are falling out but you have enough of what you need to continue. Sorry – terrible metaphor.

Now if you’re Amy Winehouse (cocaine), Al Gore (rumors of an affair with Larry David’s wife), or Lindsay Lohan (train wreck – but a talented one), you need to get the word out. And as people continue to turn to the internet for their “targeted information”, fact checking will matter less and less and rumor and innuendo will rule the day.

Ah – Content is King. And that’s where we’re going. To the world of where Life Meets Art – not the other way around.

File it under SATIRE – See previous post regarding the Porno Seinfeld.

All one has to do is entertain me for 30 or 60 minutes and…. NEXT. Think about it. When was the last time – or – how many times during this past year have you sat and watched a movie on Television – a whole movie. Not talking about Netflix, not talking about going to the cinema – staying home and watching even Al Pacino in Godfather or Clint Eastwood in Fist Full of Dollars. Come to think of it, when was the last time you saw a broadcast PR piece or media relations outreach or media strategy for either Al or Clint. Maybe DeNiro? But that’s because he has a restaurant, a festival. The others two are concerned with continuing to make art.

I wonder if there’s an inference to be made about Robert DeNiro’s libido there?

Now I was thinking about it and I can barely hold it together myself – but the enormous, and daily pressure that celebrities are under, the constant scrutiny, is all the more reason to hire people who know what they’re doing to a) keep you out of trouble and b) guide you towards making the most of your personal brand.

And that gave me a thought.

Not too long ago I heard that Hannah Montana – who has traded in the 12 year old Nickelodeon image for the tried and true pole dancing act, said something that I thought was right on about Twitter. Everyone’s talking but nobody’s listening. Which is why I think these celebrities should be doing personal webcasts through their websites and communicating directly, one on one to their fans. How about don’t go out one night and spend some time with your adoring public – how’s that for a media strategy? And you minimize your risks of getting caught with cocaine or marijuana, or DWI, transvestite hooker (I think that was Oakland A’s pitcher Dave Stewart remember that – I didn’t know it was a man?).

Not easily cleaned up with a mobile marketing campaign although I still laugh at the Mitch McConnell Mobile Video – “WHY IS MITCH McCONNELL SELLING OUT KENTUCKY.” I love that.

That’s why you have outdoor advertising. Think about it – in New York City you cannot get away from it. Literally every inch of Times Square has been covered so that someone is looking at some ad. And if you screwed up earlier that day – well, your brand takes a hit. Ah the pressure these celebrities are under – and not just them – us too!

I mean – people are looking at me while I’m looking at “THE REAL L WORD” subway ad and who knows what they’re thinking. Someone could post something to my or my wife’s Facebook account – “Hey saw your hubby oogling over Lesbos on the subway.”

Then I walk in and am greeted with – “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!”

The Pressure. On us all.

So here’s Queen with David Bowie. Btw – check out Psychotica on our Music Channel on And if you want to call us – the number is (213) 985-2900 or email

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

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