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August 24th, 2011 · 1 Comment · Technology

Let’s start with I’ll never go back to the iPhone. But the “Droid X and the X2” suck and you will lose between 15 and 30 minutes a day dealing with it’s defects. That’s for those of you who have already wasted enough time with this crappy device.

To be fair, Verizon did give me three of them before agreeing to give me the X2. I have fewer problems with the X2, but the main ones still remain.

Maybe it’s that I have to wait until my device is finished delivering up all the data that Google needs to collect on me before it allows me to access my touch screen. How many times I’ve had to yank the battery out to because i can’t even power off by holding down the power button. It’s gotten so that I don’t keep the back on anymore. I have to unplug the device from the charger if it’s juicing up if I want to do anything.

But again, the phone is slow to respond to my commands. Locking up mid application…turns off by itself all day with a fully loaded battery….frozen screen,removed apps, tried it all. A mobile phone needs to perform at all times, like for receiving phone calls or what about making an emergency call. In general the process management stinks. When you press an app icon; maybe it will come up and maybe the phone will just not respond. Many times I’ll get a message like: “Activity Home (in process android.process.acore) is not responding.” FORCE QUIT.

Another thing that drives me nuts about my Droid X2 (and previous Droid X), is that it can’t handle call waiting. Every time I’ve been unfortunate enough to have a call come in while I’m on the phone, and answer it, I lose the first call.

I’ll be listening to my music and all of a sudden the phone shuts off. Not all the way off. Just goes into sleep mode.

Someone made the ingenious decision to add “bloatware” to your operating system that your customers cannot remove. Why I will not use those apps, EVER. Bloatware such as Amazon Kindle, Madden NFL, Blockbuster, and you CANNOT remove them. And they collect data from you constantly.

The camera often crashes and the videos after I think I’ve taken them come up with errors in the gallery. Oh well, another “Kodak Moment” gone forever.

Just scrolling, such as for contacts often results in landing or stopping on contacts you don’t want and having to backtrack. But the main thing has to be all the communicating that Google’s servers are doing with your data and that is making your use of the phone secondary to Google’s purposes.

So I’ll say it again. The bottom line is that the Droid X sucks and you will lose between 15 and 30 minutes a day dealing with it’s defects.

droid x sucks

Simple Video says it all - Droid X sucks

Many times you can tell if a device is good by the celebrities that use it. In case your interested the following celebrities use Droid (or at least were the ones that the PR firm working the red carpet launch for Droid could scare up). Not exactly the A List and most I never heard of. Probably just because I’m a fossil: Talton Pettigrew, Sergey Brin, Dana Delany, Katrina Bowden, Adrian Grenier, Eric West, Ian Somerhalder, Christian Siriano, r Kevin Brown, Amy Landecker…. I think you get the point.

Science Fiction this isn’t. The #Droid sucks

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  • AS

    I thought I was the only one. The call waiting and music shutoff problems are infuriating – how do they expect people to not care about these basic functions of the phone?

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