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Crazy Little Thing The Web Video, The Social Media Song

July 18th, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology

Interested in Social Media, Digital Strategy, Web 2.0 and all things Facebook, Twitter and so on? Well dear readers, you are in LUCK (with a capital LUCK). I have been in touch with one of the true leaders of the Social Media and Digital Strategy movement, practically from its inception, Pete Codella. There are some other good companies like Sam Omidi’s Brave Media out of Vancouver and Brett Levenson of Levenson Interactive Media. Sam excels at writing and driving traffic and Brett excels at data strategies. There’s so much here that there’s no way to put it all into one post which I was originally going to do so part one will be an interview with Pete Codella of Codella Marketing.

But Pete is a true Public Relations Maven and “excels where technology meets the practice of public relations.” I asked Pete seven questions. If you are a PR professional, media relations expert or just use Facebook and Twitter casually, hold onto your hats. You’re in for a treat.

Brian McLane: What is a hosted, social media equipped online newsroom solution?

Pete Codella: An online newsroom should function as a section of a company’s website or as a microsite that stands on its own. The newsroom can be developed by the company using custom programming or it can utilize off-the-shelf software like NewsCactus to manage the newsroom. NewsCactus is a hosted solution where all the client does is create the subdomain or new newsroom domain and point it to the NewsCactus servers. They login using administrator rights to manage the content of the newsroom. That’s a hosted newsroom solution. To my knowledge there are about a half-dozen such solutions (see OPRP #49 for a list of hosted newsroom solutions).

The content in the newsroom should be easily shared on social media platforms. A solution like or should be incorporated in a company’s online newsroom.

Brian McLane: In going over your website, you talk about influencing target audiences – what does that mean. Responding to a call to action, interacting with brand, buying something, providing data, what is the pot of gold for a social media marketer?

Pete Codella: Online marketing can influence target audiences by sharing important, useful, pertinent information with them in every form – text, images, graphics, video, audio. By participating in the discussion marketers can understand where their customers are coming from and off solutions to meet their needs.

Brian McLane. On your bio it says that you have Web Site Design and Maintenance Experience, How important is it to have technological aptitude in order to be effective at social media marketing?

Pete Codella: A combination of technical skill and social media experience is very helpful when it comes to marketing using new digital communication tools.

Brian McLane. If you could choose only 5 social media platforms/sites to help on a one month branding campaign, what would they be?

Pete Codella: A WordPress blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account and LinkedIn company page and profiles for all team members.

Brian McLane: When you’re looking at data, what are the 10 most important stats you’re looking to communicate to a client?

Pete Codella: I use Website Grader and WooRank to measure and adjust search optimization of websites. I use Google Analytics for traffic and other site measurements. I ask what the ultimate goal of the campaign is: to sell tickets to an event, sell a product, fundraising, get votes, etc., and use that as the ultimate measurement.

Brian McLane: Is there a way to make money off of Viral Videos and Branded Content?

Pete Codella: I’m sure there is. Pay-per-click advertising revenue is easiest. My focus is maximizing Google search results on the first page so the majority of those first 10 links point to sites with content produced by my client. Using an approach of maximizing Google search presence the client benefits from traffic and ultimately sales and/or awareness. That’s the primary way they make money – by selling more product. But I’m sure there are people out there who could create campaigns that are meant to generate revenue from activity rather than from storytelling and persuasion.

Brian McLane: Everyone’s talking on twitter – is anyone listening? Any secrets or insights you care to share?

Pete Codella: Twitter’s interesting. It’s most important for me to listen to what people are saying about clients. Of course the clients also need their own Twitter platform so they can engage when appropriate. They can also use Twitter to direct traffic to important company announcements, new products or features, blog posts, videos, etc. Twitter’s most helpful to me by cataloging conversations from conferences using specific hashtags.

Brian McLane: Thanks for taking the time Pete.

Pete Codella: My pleasure.

Now I didn’t tell Pete that I had a video on MTV but I was surprised to find his video (with 44,000 hits). To find out more about a truly interesting guy and PR Technologist, visit Pete at his website And check out his rock video by clicking on the image below. Yea, that’s Pete.

Crazy Little Thing The Web Video, The Social Media Song

Crazy Little Thing The Web Video, The Social Media Song

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