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June 23rd, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology

Think of all the incredible uses for this kind of technology. Or is this some affiliate marketing scam? Is this part of a multimedia push and internet strategy, a slick ad campaign with one of those great AS SEEN ON TV commercials?

It’s been a while since I have had a reason to blog about tech – but this is got to be too good to be true. I’m sure it’ll be on the rip-off report or scam something or other – but – let’s hope not!!!

Here’s a review I found on line that said….
Bark Off — Don’t Purchase Until You Read This Review

I will comment in bold.

Bark Off is the brand new little pet product designed to help help you work with your dog to cut down on his or her barking.
The first thing you think of is – would it work for my spouse or girlfriend…. Come on…. Be Honest.

This is just the sort of product that many pet owners ?have been waiting for for years.
It’s like Cloaking technology that I know they’re experimenting with in the Military for see through armor so it doesn’t seem like such a stretch. And most things that you saw on Star Trek have come to pass right?

It can be said that once every year or so of product comes along and promises to offer a fix that just about every family would find useful.
Damn Straight. Think about how many arguments would be avoided. It would be more than car crashes and cigarette deaths combined!

The question is, does bark off work?
Well – someone tell me because – I don’t have a dog because they bark!

The claims of the product include some of the following:

* Ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans (just like with the mosquito repellents that don’t work?)
* Device can be worked automatically (So can the clapper)
* Instantly catches your dog’s attention (A swift kick can do that…. just kidding)
* Perfect for both outdoors and indoors (If you’re outdoors chances are your dog’s not gonna bark)
* Pet friendly (uhhhh…… yeah well…… what?)
* And most importantly… it naturally and painlessly interrupts barking patterns (So does my furious face)

The verdict:

The product is brand-new and has only been out for a short time.
No Doubt

For this reason, we have to go on the number of reviews that we investigated from third parties.
There wasn’t a single one on this landing page. Hmmmm – have I been affiliate marketed???? I didn’t fill out a form….

But before we get to that we can address the fact that the product could, scientifically, work
So can the Star Trek Transporter and Warp Technology

…. because of the amazing hearing abilities of dogs.
Okay I’ve heard that…

Because dogs are able to hear frequencies that the normal human being cannot pick up, there is no reason to doubt that such device would be able to
so far I can go along with this statement…

accommodate the pet owner while addressing the dog’s attention.
Yeah right…. Remember NADS – I have a funny NADS story. The Hair Removal System…. Memo to self…

Meanwhile – check out the commercial and see if you don’t have the same reaction I did.



The previews that we have seen have pretty much been positive across the board!
Okay – where are they? Guess I gotta go back to Google again.

It seems as though this product actually is able to do what it claims.
According to?????

If barking is an issue at your house, consider Bark Off today!
Yep – they spent some money on an affiliate page. Consider affiliate marketing today.

Before you fall for some slick media relations campaign, or publicity stunt, remember don’t give them your info until you get all the facts on the internet!!!

: )

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