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July 19th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology



There’s a Triple Main Event Tonight and one Battle Royal Cage Match

No Not the above image which appeared in (22 man event in an Over The Top Battle Royale from the Florida State Fair).

We’re talking about a much different kind of grudge match – and we’ve talked about them before.

In the first Main Event, In the Blue Corner Netflix versus in the Red Corner… The Cable Companies,
In the Second Co-Main Event, The Telephone companies in a 2 on 1 Match versus Skype

And in the blood strap match that everyone wants to see….. A Battle Royale Cage Match featuring Google, Ad Brite, Tremor, Double Click and a host of other villains.

Don’t think it could happen. Well guess what it is.

And as soon as the Data Offload mess is sorted out, and the path to content paved, LOOK OUT.

Want to know more?

The Fact is now everyone wants social media, they’re starting Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and blogs (which only in my opinion works if you make Blogging a religion). I was spending so much time educating potential clients who weren’t sold on the need for social media marketing. They were curious, but they always seem to come back. It’s called the “pump and dump” and after a while you realize that all you’re doing is spending explaining and introducing social media rather than on creative ways to leverage it.

Now however, I no longer have to do as many introductions, because for the most part people understand what Facebook and Twitter are even if all they do is tell an intern to run it. But ahhhh… the Bandwidth conundrum.

Now companies are hiring what are called “Community Managers.” Look let’s get something straight. There is pretty much nothing more boring than a corporate facebook page. Oh yeah, I’m going to…. uh huh.

Bottom line is they managed the online conversation and follow trends as they develop.

Back in 2000 I attended a conference at Verizon about the future of IPTV. There were executives from Microsoft, Fox Sports, Verizon, World Gate (don’t even know if they’re around any more), Global Crossings and more. The crux of the resolution was that it didn’t matter how big your content library was, the broadband penetration was only 20 or 30 percent at most. Everyone was still on dial-up!!!

Now 3G can’t hold all the requests for data and the wireless carriers, as well as the Telco’s and Cable Operators are scrambling how to compete with YouTube (owned by Google), and the plethora of Internet Television Networks cropping up like that will offer 24/7 programming, a selection of channels all through one website and across multiple platforms.

But with smartphones, and iPads sucking down all that data – the next few months we’re in for a rough ride. See post re Apple’s Antenna Gate and Sprint not FULLY telling the truth about it’s 4G network. Please don’t take this the wrong way because actually I’m jealous – BUT WHO CARES ABOUT SYRACUSE AND ROCHESTER? How many media companies are there?

Bottom line is they don’t know how to split the money yet. Is it the Content Provider (some), Set Top Box Provider (some), Cable or Telco (some), and so it goes.

Fact is we have come A LONG WAY since 2000 but something tells me we’re still going to be in the same spot in 2020. Just with a different set of needs and problems to go along with them.

That’s just called GREED.

Currently in Beta, syndicates to 150 Viral Video and Social Media Sites as well as mobile content to 70 countries. A little about myself, I head the digital media and emerging technologies division of In addition to being a leading New York media strategist, Brian specializes in social commerce, webcasting, building your own network (BYON), ghostwriting and blogging. iProgram specializes in Live To Phone Technologies, mobile video and marketing strategies from its base in New York City. I am also an expert on webcasting and am frequently called upon to execute webcasts from in studio and remote locations. I am a leading New York Based Streaming Media Encoding Technician.

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