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AT&T Offers Cross-Platform Branding With One Purchase

April 20th, 2012 · No Comments · Business, Technology

I was recently “called out” by someone who didn’t know what he was talking about in an online thread on LinkedIn – oh heck – it’s the Limousine Charter and Tour Group. When the fellow sees that I work for AT&T Interactive and, he may have some pre-conceptions. He says he’d pay for a Lead Generation Service (akin to Service Magic) which are basically a bunch of tire-kickers – no pun intended. They give the same leads to all their subscribers. Whereas is the king of all local directories and if you ask any online ad guy (that is honest) they’ll tell you, there is still quite a demand for local directory advertising on The spends are far lower on than the agency work they are dealing with every day. Directories like are like real estate on the web (worth their weight in Gold) that come with great SEO benefits (meaning they help your website’s visibility) and geared to local, local, local audience. Ads do come with contracts. However does this for a reason. Unlike online display, the directories afford a measure of stability and trustworthiness that are important to users.

With online display – the Insertion Orders for placing ads can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. The problem is that they are often here today and gone tomorrow. Often an ad can be yanked after a few days if the creative isn’t generating the proper metrics. is just like the print books of yore – only online and easy to use, interactive with features such as ratings and reviews, video, social media plug ins…. is not your mom’s Yellowpages.

So this one guy owns a “fleet” of limousines (he has six) and he was wondering how to get more business with say a thousand or two a month. Here is my recommendation – a healthy dose of (more and more referred to as, some display on the ( network, video that goes into the ads, and a lot more.

* Sponsored Ad on hundreds of Websites including some of the biggest including
* Video Spot
* 150,000 Impressions Per Month on the top 100 Comscore Sites in his locality
* Exposure on the Top rated YP Mobile App that comes bundled on millions of cell phones (40 million downloads for the 29% of people searching exclusively online)
* Share tools including FB, Twitter, Text 2, Click To Call, Ratings, Directions, Maps (etc.)

What follows is my reply to a fellow we’ll call Jim who’s down south, where we’ll say they have a lot of Barbecue (which you can also find on

1. The Online Impressions are .67 of 1 penny. That’s 50% more or an extra 50,000 impressions so don’t sell yourself short.

2. The Impressions we serve up are only on the Top 100 sites LOCALLY (in your case in the Charlotte area). A “zone” you specify is built up with a virtual wall around it so no impressions are wasted beyond the geographical area you specify.

3. 29 percent of all internet search is now done on mobile phones in 2011 (up from 14% in 2010 – that’s more than Double). As far as I am aware, your Lead Generation service doesn’t have a mobile app with 40 million downloads nor a wireless network. So you are not able to be found by the growing number of Americans searching for service providers on their handsets. As far as AT&T, our App comes bundled on all ATT phones and soon all cell phones.

4. Local Online Directories like and Hyper Local Search is continuing to grow at a brisk rate particularly with people over 49 (decision makers) who know and trust the Yellowpages Brand. Adding a video to this ad which can be shared increases engagement and traffic (clicks and calls) up to 38%.

5. The AT&T Network is expanding faster than we can even be updated by Sales Ops with now over 300 quality web properties including sites, communities and publishers like, Yahoo, CitySearch, Bing, AOL, MSN,, Photobucket, Ebay, Amazon (I think you get the idea).

Lastly, AT&T has been a leader in Online Advertising since its inception and has far reaching agreements and partnerships with all the main players – we’re all integrated as well as in competition. Don’t believe me. Here’s a great resource.

In sum, your light saber approach is a good one. However leveraging ads (including the backlink to your website) from local directories, Display on Comscore Top 100 Sites in a local area, targeted mobile ads to handsets and viral video is a multi-faceted cross platform strategy akin to “THE FORCE” and not your lead gen service which is just the light saber.

In the Words of Stan Lee, “Nuff Said.”

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