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November 26th, 2011 · No Comments · Technology

Every day, annoying updates, annoying upgrades… there are at least 2 or more updates daily on my Google Droid X2. I switched to Verizon back in December of 2010, and have regretted it ever since. In the beginning my calls weren’t dropping and for this I was grateful. I even blogged (see previous post re Verizon), about the effectiveness of their commercial about “which network would you trust your daughter and her friend with in the Mall. Remember that commercial?

However now, I am getting kicked off of calls with regularity and I find it no small coincidence that such an event occurs when some stupid facebook post appears. I keep saying that I’m going to disable Facebook but I do like the one touch photo upload feature which is why I keep it on. Google of course is important because of various mapping and GPS features but all I know is every day it’s something else. My playlists are getting wiped out, the video crashes during playback, contacts disappear, new icons show up on my home screen, on and on.

And then there’s the Bloatware. It’s bad enough to have to waste a couple of minutes to attend to the My Verizon or Google Maps update but to sit there and suffer through apps that I have no desire nor intention of using like Google Books or Amazon is infuriating. Even on my Blackberry it’s constant updating with Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and other apps that I’m not even allowed to use in connection with my work device.

So what’s the deal?

Why can’t the consumer have a phone that has access to the web and that’s it?

Well first off Facebook and Google are the worst perpetrators. And that’s the deal you make in exchange for your Facebook or Gmail account storage and functionality. Like or lump it. Then there’s the growing dissatisfaction with the frenzied pace of Google Android upgrades. Do I really want this latest I upgrade I ask. Of course not. And then there’s the way they do it.

There’ll be a line of briefcase icons on your status bar at the top of your phone letting you know that you have to forfeit about 10 minutes of your day to “update” your apps and phone. I’ve learned to wait until I get home to do this. On iPhone you can update all. Either I don’t know how to do that on my Droid X2 or you just have to slog through from one update to the next and pay (literally with your) attention.

Worst of all it’s most likely the case that none of this benefits you the consumer. It’s just giving the app providers more data and no more functionality for the end user.

Then there’s what happened on my Droid X which fortunately I had insurance on. The firmware update in June wreaked havoc on my phone which I had to return 3 times before they sent me a refurbished Droid X2. Not as bad, but still the thing has a mind of its own.

I recently became so fed up with Android, I’m actually looking at Windows based phones again! Another problem with all these updates and upgrades is that it drains the user’s batter. And to be fair Apple iPhones are no better. In fact in some cases worse because the free Apps are fewer in general.

So why does Android have more than 52 percent of the global smartphone market? I don’t know. I’m at the point where all I want is a regular cell phone again. There are times when having a mobile computer are great. You have a GPS, MP3 and Web Browser in your pocket. That’s pretty hard not to do without.

annoying cell phone updates

annoying cell phone updates

I was looking for a video on how to permanently stop getting these updates and upgrades (in other words how to stand pat with the phone I have) but no video exists. If you know of one, please comment.

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