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June 26th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology


Woke up to the baby choking, wife cleaning, after editing late, what a nice start to the weekend. Still coming out of my ambien induced sleep (if it weren’t for ambien I’d get none), it wasn’t long before I was holding the baby while Shorena cleaned the crib.

When she was done, without nary a word, I grabbed my keys, wallet and phone (now there’s another idea for a show – how long can you make it without going home with just those three items) and headed for Joe’s Coffee shop on Kings Highway for my semi-regular Steak and Cheese Special WITH coffee for $3.50 –

EYYYYY….. Fuggetaboutit!

Still annoyed over the fiasco (see previous posts) but happy that my other shoot went well, I wandered by PC Richards located at 450 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11223-1719 – (718) 382-5006.

Will they let me in with my coffee? In the sweat pants that my wife has been telling me to throw out for almost a year, in a Georgetown Shirt that’s been the “wear around the house shirt” of choice for the past week…. I mean…. I basically looked homeless.

What the heck. It’s all about the spiky hair and the sun glasses. One thing I learned a long time ago is don’t judge someone by what you think they have (or may not have) in their wallet.

I sauntered in, casually glancing at the fans on sale, then some of the clearance items…. by now someone would have surely come over to me and said “sorry no food or drink in the store,” which wouldn’t have been unreasonable. And I’d just started my coffee so I wasn’t gonna chuck it.

But, I moseyed on over to the digital cameras and then video camcorders (just looking since my friend from Keslow told me about the D5. Ahhh – there are all the Canons. The best brand in Photocopiers I know that much.

I saw the X-Box (was supposed to get a big screen for Father’s Day but I got my card a day late and my gift was a box of tasty-cakes). At least it was less direct and passive aggressive than my first wife who gave me a book for my birthday once – “What To Do With The Rest Of Your Life.”

Is it me? Guys – Are we supposed to just keep cranking it out and it’s never enough. I’d rather be a tend a flock in Central Asia somewhere – I’m not kidding.

I once say on Dekker Dreyer’s Skype Profile (the noted “Indie Filmmaker/Producer Guy”), where he wrote as his message – EVERYONE CAN GO TO HELL.

Now that’s telling it like it is.

And so – while I could have been running home, I decided to dream – at PC RICHARDS on Kings Highway going from one Big Screen Plasma 1080 to the next. Looking at those prices that “one day” I’d be able to afford. I’m 46 so – don’t know when that’s gonna come. Make that 46 with a 8 month old, a hot wife 17 years younger than me and a 10 year old step son who’s all over the place with his Georgian Dance.

Then….. there it was….

The Massage Chair. Not just any massage chair like you see in malls. THIS was a MASSAGE CHAIR. Dare I sit in it. Mclaughlin was about to start. No baby, no wife, no stepson, a hot coffee, McLaughlin and THE Massage Chair – with a remote.

I sat down….

Tried out the settings. OMG, what sensations. I quickly got the hang of it just in time for the panel to discuss the irrelevance of privacy anymore. Of course Google, Intelius, and their capabilities and services were the topic of discussion. So I was remotely interested. But by FAR more impressed by the treatment I was getting at the PC Richards Store located – 450 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11223-1719 – (718) 382-5006.

It was like a mini day spa for guys.

I didn’t want to be a pig so about 15 minutes in once they started getting into terrorism and information stealing, I left. On my way out I asked for the Manager who was on the phone jumping from one call to the next. Within a minute or two he asked me what could he do for me? I simply thanked him and briefly told him my experience.

He smiled saying he knew what I was going through – he has a 19 month old.

For a quick video on this great chair click the image below.



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