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June 30th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary, Technology

You can be the King of your own castle!! And do it before you need an Acorn Stairlift!

I’m doing it. Everyday. Blogging, trying to make a difference. It’s my mission. Before I’m 99 years old and too worried about how the Acorn Stairlift is supposed to work.

But blogging sure is better than trying to sit in the Acorn Stair Lift and ride up and down the stairs, right. All you have to do is sit in front of a computer and put your foot in your mouth, or tell it like it is. Go on – Get it off your chest.

Get the Conversation Going!!

It sometimes gets me in trouble. But it beats watching Investigation Discovery all night (though it’s hard not too). Oh that Maureen Maher… brrrrrrr.

Think about it. Don’t you have SOMETHING to say each day? If you don’t maybe you should give that a think. We recently went down to the dreaded Apple Store to catch a performance of Talib Kweli and had an interview. On the way we stopped to talk to Street Artist Mike Bacca ( who had an interesting thing to say – “Don’t Be Sheep.”

How right he is and how much I agree. If you’re not at least commenting on Facebook – which is about the lowest form of public expression I can think of…. baaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

But now – you don’t have to take my word for it – Here’s Jeff Bezos telling you the same thing!

Get on your Soapbox and Stop Being Sheep.

Click for Jeff Bezos on being Heard. Get on your Soapbox and Stop Being Sheep.

With awesome free tools like wordpress, ftp, Share File, Youtube, etc., man – you’ve got everything you need to be your own media relations firm. And if you know a few people in the right places, a lot more. In fact you can steal anything you want with YouTube. It’s (wink), okay.

We’ve come a long way since Saloons and Prostitution, tarantula juice and coffin varnish. Now we have pornhub and level 42 vodka. But we’re not there yet.

And you don’t even have to be than a fifth grader! It’s what Citizen Journalism is all about and what is all about.’s New York based Broadcast PR team of specialists, can kick out of media relations mode and take on your blogging chores for you if you’re too lame or lazy. That’s not a knock on you! It’s a need we can fill.

If you’re in Broadcast PR chances are you know that there’s a titanic shift from Advertising as News to Advertising as Content. And we can handle both. And it doesn’t stop at domestic desktop environments. Now it’s all about mobile, foreign, and viral publishing platforms; webcasting, live streaming video, companies like iprogram and their live to phone solutions.

And guess what – there’s money to be made to.

Ever hear about affiliate marketing? Well – after every video we’ll give you a redemption code for a special offer – I don’t care if it’s for a canon digital camera because you signed up for the best Copiers (Canon) and lease agreement or CD because you saw a band on a webcast from the Brooklyn Bowl.

Again – this is what I was telling everyone at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters. It’s the New Ecology of Learning, Viral Video, building your own network as an end user/consumer and if you’re a publisher – influencing people and being heard.

So don’t be sheep. Get up on your SoapBox – while you still can.

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