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January 24th, 2011 · No Comments · sports

Click For Squidward's Sweet Victory - Jets Lose

Once I saw Mike Bloomberg guaranteeing that the Jets were going to win, I knew we were going to lose. Look, I think this ridiculousness of guaranteeing victory should now be officially considered tacky, much less stupid. But really who cares if Rex Ryan has his foot in his mouth… apparently he likes that right. It’s amazing if anybody could get it done on fourth and a foot it would be Rex right?

Alright enough of the Rex Ryan jokes. It wasn’t his fault that the Jet weren’t tackling from literally the opening kickoff. That means you lose the field position game…. err…. nevermind. So if you’re not going to have your guys ready… don’t guaranty victory. Of course it’s all the rage now in all sports including Horse Racing, Soccer, Tennis and Ping Pong (yes international ping pong for those who care).

Anything to stir up a little controversy, sell a few more pizzas whatever it takes to keep people tuned to these incredibly old and boring commentators who do nothing but state the obvious and serve up softballs while clowning around. Terry Bradshaw is unwatchable.

But at the end of the day, the Steelers who were aided by several non-calls (like cheap shots and late hits) and one replay that should have been reversed are used to getting the benefit of the doubt at Heinz field. I told my cousin Jim this last week. But it didn’t really matter. After climbing back from 24-0 to within 5 with almost four minutes to go I was drinking the Koolaid. But then the Jets laid down the welcome mats again and Mark Sanchez never got back on the field.

All I can say is Go Green Bay. I can’t stand to see “BIG” Ben win another one.

So Rex…. what about it? Don’t listen to those idiots on the radio who basically goaded you back into being a jerk. Your a tremendous coach…. But leave the predictions where they belong, in fantasy land as Squidward Tentacles can attest. Too bad it wasn’t “Opposite Day” like on Spongebob.

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