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December 14th, 2010 · No Comments · sports

I’m so proud of myself when something I start catches on. Early on I put it out everywhere that I could be heard to friends in emails, on phone conversation that would last too long over which friends tried in vain to convince me that Cliff Lee was the second coming of David Coen.

Well he is the second coming of David Coen, could hold Coney’s Jock Strap. In fact I will not mention the two in the same paragraph. Suffice it to say, just like being the one to start the asshole chant at Yankee stadium, it feels good being the first to this conclusion


Don’t run that idiot out of town, give him a medal. He’s saying use 3 to 4 bad years of Cliff Lee. Sure he’ll do great for 1, maybe 2 and perhaps 3 years. But don’t tell me when he’s 36, 37, 38 and he’ll be the same. I don’t want to hear it. He’s 32 and closing in on the down side. Ticket prices are already too expensive. The fans don’t want to support that decision.

Remember THE PAVANO will go up the battle cry.

As has been bandied about on the talk shows ad infinitum by now, many Yankees Fans are happy that we fate stepped in for us. One need look too far into the past and at the Carl Pavano fiasco or at the current success of the Knicks to know, success comes from within. Hughes, Chamberlain, Nova anchored by CC and Pettitte are what this year should be about and see who’s available in July. And for all the talk the Rangers did you could see where Cliff Lee’s loyalty was. To Philadelphia? He lives in Arkansas, a stone’s throw from Texas…. and he picks Philadelphia? Where they throw snowballs at Santa Claus on Monday night football?

Cliff Lee and Philadelphia. A match made in heaven. First Michael Vick, now Cliff Lee. It’s excellent, and demonstrates what everyone know about the Philadelphia Sports mentality since the Broad Street Bullies.

Oh I’m going to be watching some national league this year.

Mortgaging our future for 7 years of Cliff “The Spaceman” Lee was something I was dreading and for those who know me and my sports, know I didn’t want him hear.

I (sports) hate him ever since that insulting grab on a pop up and that goofy smile. Yeah Cliff had it all figured out. But I don’t see any rings on Cliff Lee’s fingers. $100 million for 5 years is a pretty decent deal for the Philly Faithful but now they’re the team to beat. I mean, with Halliday, Lee, Oswalt and Hamels how can you lose a game? Especially with the hitting they have. So the Phillies now can be stuck with the monicker “buying the pennant.”

Personally salaries have gotten so out of whack, where do you think the dollars come from to fill the gap? Well the answer is us. In the form of $10 beers, $6 hotdogs, increased parking, etc. In fact it is we who often complain about the “obscene” wages paid to top athletes, who in fact set their salaries.

In a market economies, prices paid for any factor of production (including labor) derives from choices consumers make about the goods they buy and how much they’re willing to pay. Producers are faced with Supply and Demand issues. In this free agent market, supply was low, demand is high. That wasn’t the case here though. Some idiot spit in Cliff Lee’s wife’s face and trust me, that was the reason he didn’t come here. But Yankees fans rejoice. Think about it. 7 years of looking at this guy. His record isn’t even that great. He just has the Yankees numbers. We may never see him again now that he’s in the NL.

Take that 150 million and put it into player development I say. I’m all for winning tomorrow (and now the Phillies have to but, oops, we still have the Giants to deal with). And as far as the Yankees, I’ve been a fan since the early 70’s when Ron Bloomberg was the first baseman, Gene Michael the shortstop, Celerino Sanchez at third, and a young Thurman Munson. As long as it’s okay with the rest of the baseball world when the Yanks stink there will be peace. Just like through the miserable 80’s and early 90’s.

All I know was it takes the fun out of winning when we get all the top free agents. In the last several years Boston, Philadelphia, Texas, and other teams have been taking up the mantel. Great, our quest as Yankees fans should be to get back to where we were in 1996.

Here’s a clip of the goofball we’re, thankfully, NOT getting. He makes a catch behind his back then has a good laugh. The way I remember it the Yankees sent the Cliffster home while they drank champagne number 27.

Have a good one in Philly Cliff. Thank goodness we get to try and beat you again. It’s better that way.

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