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December 12th, 2010 · 2 Comments · sports

Charlie Brown is a Minnesota Vikings Fan…. and So Am I.

Hi My Name Is Brian M. and I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan. I’ve been coming to these rooms for help for 30 plus years and I still can’t kick my habit. I’ve been a Minnesota Vikings fan since 3rd grade when I copied my cousin Keith Appell who changed from being a St. Louis Cardinals Fan to being a Minnesota Vikings Fan, then back to being a St. Louis Cardinals Fan, then to Jets Fan (remember this is the 70’s) and ultimately he said the heck with it.

Regardless, my plight is indirectly his fault. But he has always played cruel tricks on me, and my cousin Jimmy. It’s just his nature. Once he got me on April Fools day by calling my step-father Stanley and pretending to be from the New York Mets who had scouted me playing little league and needed me immediately.

Too bad actually, they probably could’ve used me. Nevertheless, he convinced me that the color Purple was cool. I liked Fran Tarkenton. And between the two I was hooked. Watching Fran scramble and outwit the likes of the Redskins and Cowboys year after year, they always came up short in the end.

One of the worst things about being a Vikes fan is the image of supporting a loser. Which I do. Last year with the help of Green Bay Packer Brett “Pants On The Ground” Favre we came within 19 seconds of going to our first SuperBowl since the 1970s. But it wasn’t meant to be. Just like Lucy Van Pelt pulling the football away from Charlie Brown.

The Vikings have also embarrassed its fans perennially over the last few years with several players getting arrested and now Brett Favre in the “thick of it”. Remember the infamous “love boat” incident? At least the collective libidos are healthy up in Eden Prairie Minnesota.

But the final insult to injury was added today as all I wanted to do was watch the Vikings and the Giants play but alas, not to be. Even the mighty Metrodome roof was no match for the karma that follows this haunted team. While we’ve never had to resort to putting paper bags over our heads, we remain a disgraceful franchise since the exit of Sir Francis.

The bag thing may in fact be a good idea. Perhaps we need to hit rock bottom. It seems to have worked for the Aint’s, I mean, SuperBowl Champions the Saints.

This pretty much sums up everything I feel about being a Minnesota Vikings Fan. We’re the Charlie Browns of the NFL. Only the Buffalo Bills can make a similar statement. Meanwhile, take a look at this video from the Metrodome which has become a viral video sensation.

Charlie Brown Is A Vikings Fan copy

Click To See Metrodome Roof Collapse!

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