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May 30th, 2011 · No Comments · sports

Yes if you’re a Yankees Fan.

Let me explain.

When I went to the Republic of Georgia one of the things that I noticed was that many of the cars on the road in Tbilisi were German cars from the 80’s and 90’s. They didn’t look great, had cracked windshields, missing hubcaps and patch paint jobs and dents, but they ran. They got you to where you needed them to get to but didn’t win any medals.

It’s like this with the New York Yankees.

The Yanks are tired. I’m incredibly thankful for 2009. But other than A Rod hitting his 763rd home run as a Yankee, and Jeter getting his 3000th, there is little to root for with this group. It’s a bore. Even if they win it’s a bore.

We need pitching so why not let some of these stud prospects get the taste of blood in their mouths? I understand not wanting to rush prospects but Montero and some of their pitching prospects should be brought up even if sporadically for some big league experience. To me that is a lot more interesting than watching the Yanks, like an old Lion try to stave off the inevitable decay of this mortal coil.

Since 1995 the Yanks have consistently given more to their fans than any other sports organization. And there’s no doubt they’ll make a run at another playoff birth and most probably concede, but they aren’t good enough to beat at least 5 or 6 other teams I can think of and there are another 5 or 6 who are good enough to compete with the Yanks.

Time to begin the process of rebuilding in earnest. They need to replace Jeter with….. How about Jose Reyes of the Mets? I know it sounds crazy but the Mets need to rebuild too, and the Mets are stuck. The Mets will never get more for Reyes and very few other teams can afford him. As for pitching, I say keep it in the family and enough of these huge contracts.

I think the Yanks are more watchable and more exciting with new pitching. Nova hasn’t worked out but was he supposed to? What is out there in the way of a trade? Not much, Brett Myers from Houston? He’s another Javier Vasquez. The Mets are more interesting to watch (and in fact I’ve started tuning in more) than the Yanks.

Thank Goodness Cliff Lee didn’t work out because getting stuck with him for 7 years would have been awful, one championship would not have been worth it and it is no guarantee that we would have won even with the Cliffster. The time is now to shed all the dead weight, make peace with the past and move on.

Yankees Finally Time To Rebuild

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I haven’t done a Sunday Night Video Special for a while so here’s The Cocteau Twins with This Mortal Coil.

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