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March 21st, 2012 · No Comments · sports

All I can say is “I KNEW IT!”

Who thinks this stuff up? Gregg Williams.

Who thinks it’s okay to do something like this? Gregg Williams.

Who thinks they’re going to get away with it? Gregg Williams

The other day I was watching former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon talk about how all the punishment he took has taken its toll. It would be interesting to see if Gregg Williams was on the other side line. Numerous lawsuits are now being filed by former players and now it makes sense. And now Gregg Williams has given them all ammunition against their former teams.

Voila! Another NFL Scandal. This one bigger than the Michael Vick one. In fact it’s up there with steroids and Pete Rose, point shaving in basketball if not worse. Because of an A-Hole named Gregg Williams who thinks its okay to seek to win by injuring opponents. Gregg Williams and Sean Payton think it’s actually okay to financially reward players for causing injury. In fact to give them the incentive to do so.

Someone could have gotten killed.

Details about the NFL investigation into Bounty Ball reveal that Gregg Williams and Sean Peyton offered players bounties and that four quarterbacks in particular including Brett Favre, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, and Kurt Warner were premium targets.

To be fair, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard in the news, there’s a bounty on someone in a playoff game. That gets people riled up but usually that’s the end of it. But Gregg Williams had his players playing Rollerball not football. Actually Bounty Ball.

First let me say the New Orleans Saints will have an asterisk next to their name for all time because of this NFL Bounty Scandal. Gregg Williams who could never win a thing without concocting something like this, has been, like Vick, suspended indefinitely and rightly so. Sean Peyton, suspended for a year – great guy that he is. The Minnesota Vikings should have been in the Super Bowl against the Colts. Brett Favre, who despite his interception with 19 seconds to go, gave one of the most heroic performances I’ve ever seen from an athlete in a game.

Only now do we find out that the opposing players were instructed to injure and maim their opponents which is like a baseball player taking steroids or a boxer loading his gloves. Favre would have finished writing one of the greatest sports stories ever, the Minnesota Vikings would have finally gotten a ring and…… well that’s where I wake up. The Colts and Peyton Manning were no slouches and the Vikes have a history of losing Super Bowls.

In theory it could have happened that way.

But instead, the entire football universe was cheated by Gregg Williams, Sean Peyton and the New Orleans Saints. I remember watching the NFC Championship between the Vikings and the Saints and screaming at the television and the refs who could only call I guess so many penalties on the Saints for late hits and cheap shots. The game would have never finished. One has to wonder about how one team playing football and the other team playing Bounty Ball affected the outcomes. The turnovers caused by the dozens of cheap shots and late hits, over the top head hunting and such that was evident in that game. It clearly affected a valiant Vikings team that was playing under a different set of rules established by Gregg Williams and Sean Peyton.

All I can say is “I KNEW IT!”

This will blow up now as well it should. We’ll hear about what great fellows Sean Peyton and Gregg Williams are but always remember they are football thugs who don’t deserve to coach again in the NFL and have shamed the likes of Drew Brees and Saints Fans everywhere.

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