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May 9th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Social Commentary

Zip Car Nightmare
Somehow this has become a viable business though I recently heard a story that reaffirms what a bad idea Zip Car is.

A friend of mine hit awful Traffic on the Belt Parkway going back to Manhattan from Brooklyn. He called Zip Car to alert them to the fact (which is in itself a small wonder as the one or two times I called no one ever picked up).

This did no good however as the disgruntled patron expecting to pick up my friend’s zip car showed up on my friend’s doorstep. How the latter got my friend’s address is still a mystery to me. My friend is an utter pacifist and has never been in a fight in his life which made it all the more alarming when this brute continually challenged him to fist fight in the street.

Fortunately my friend declined the invitation to brawl. The bozo had no clue what trouble he would have been in as my friend’s wife is s former Assistant District Attorney.

The point us that you can’t share something so personal as a car. Though the vehicle itself cannot necessarily be the subject of someone’s ire, the use of it is.

No one wants anyone messing with their driving habits. Zip Car cannot prevent situations as described above from happening. And they will happen.

Just type in Zip Car Complaints or Zip Car Sucks into Google. Just take a cab and if you really need to get away, ride with someone else, or borrow a car.

Still think you want to try it. Here’s an Introduction to ZipCar 101.

zipcar sucks

click for zipcar video

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  • really?

    Dude get a life. I’ve never even used zipcar but all I gathered from this is someone whining about 1 off the wall incident and now is claiming that a huge company is a bad idea. You sound ignorant

  • admin

    You’re right about one thing – I DO need to get a life. LMAO – Nice.

  • Mike

    I agree with the first comment.. How can you base so much on ONE anecdotal experience?

    My wife and I have used Zipcar for years. We have probably done around 100 rentals and we have never had any confrontations with other members. We have also found it easy to get a rep on the line whenever we needed one.

    After factoring in gas, insurance, car payments, maintenance and parking (we rent our space out for income), zipcar has been a great deal for us. We also like the flexibility of being able to get 4WD, cargo capacity, luxury, whatever we need, but mostly just economical cars.

    I go back and forth on my feelings for the company as a whole. It works great for us but can they grow beyond the college campus market?

    Either way, you sound ignorant.

  • admin

    How did you get the domain

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