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June 20th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

You’re stressing out because no one wants your stodgy old brand. You can’t keeping faking people out with advertising packaged as news. No matter how many times you used to get away with it in the broadcast PR world, the kids ain’t going for it anymore.

WTF to do? I’ve gotten a lot of heat over the past few weeks because (dare I say) my posts have been becoming a little less palatable for some (including family members and friends). Telling it the way you see it just sometimes isn’t what people want to hear. They don’t want to hear the truth.

I learned a long time ago when I would see a friend perform (whether a band, dance, art show, theater, etc.), always say you loved it. Because – if you give them ANY kind of constructive criticism – they’re going to be hurt and P.O.’d at you. In the world of Broadcast PR and Media Relations, Publicity, etc. (not so much mobile marketing), the account reps are just glad to get from job to job pulling off the same old flim flam they did for a client in the year before.

There’s about a year or two of that left.

Get with it Publicists. Advertisers are starting to catch on. Because the numbers don’t lie. People are tuning into Internet Television and Live To Phone Streaming to see what they want. That means funny, quirky, freaky, weird, babies, pets, fetish, location centric, independent music, film, theater and art, fashion and how to. And ANYTHING out of the ordinary.

Even the NY Times is on a media relations tear trying to re-brand themselves as the guys who can get you backstage and the (what we call at, “House Interview.”. NEw York Times? Now there’s a name you can trust. NOT.

So if your brand (or media relations company for that matter), can’t adapt or is slow to embrace the new realities of the digital mayhem that is slowly becoming ordered chaos, you’ll be swept away…. Case in Pont On The Scene Productions. And I don’t want to hear that they went under because they didn’t pay their bills on time – neither did most of their competitors

So here’s Pharoahe Monch with Organized Konfusion and OPEN YOUR EYES!


P.S. Can’t figure out who to credit on the funny dog picture other than it’s on

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