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September 11th, 2012 · No Comments · Social Commentary

How did I spend my 9/11 today? Glued to my iPhone and Blackberry, answering emails, moving around meetings, engaged in other meetings with nary a thought about what I went through 10 years ago.

Click for my first hand account – Covered in Ash

The thing that I remember the most is being covered in Ash. Other images that are imprinted on my mind are the Guard at 1 Chase Plaza who manned his post – the only one to do so; the fire brigades heading downtown and the cops herding people uptown, the Korean Grocer on John Street who was handing out water while they were still selling it at Starbucks, the cloud and the looks of shock on almost everyone i met.

For years I kept the pair of shoes I was wearing that day until I finally let it go. And every year that goes by I think less about what happened. It’s always been hard to watch the programs because I’m afraid to cry. There are plenty of things that I cry about but I never had one of those break-down sob sessions which perhaps I’ve always needed.

To this day I’ve never slept the same.

Working a few blocks north of the World Trade Center I have gotten to see the Towers rise slowly into the sky and it fills me with pride. I truly believe we are safer today and it’s one of the few things that the Republicans and Democrats have managed to do together – is keep us safe on our own soil.

Of course many people have the same thing in the back of their mind… what if. Yet life goes on. We manage to manage, money’s tighter, we’re more dependent on technology but we are here, and have each other.

And we’ll go back to our blackberrys, to the Yankees and Lindsay Lohan, Facebook, YouTube, John Travolta, @mittromney and @barackobama, hurricane Isaac and the rest. 3000 people who woke up on the morning of 9/11/01 aren’t here. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters are with the Angels and I want to do my small part in remembering them, the acts of heroism and the undeniable spirit of New Yorkers everywhere.

9_11 freedom towers

9_11 freedom towers

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