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February 11th, 2012 · No Comments · music, Social Commentary

Whitney Why?

Perhaps it’s a rhetorical question.

Some may say that perhaps there just wasn’t much left for her to do. For someone who had sold 170 million records that’s a fair statement as far as her music goes though it’s conceivable that had she been steadily working since the turn of the century that she might have sold a billion records.

This is going to be a short post because I don’t think there is too much to say. I don’t think, for whatever reason, Whitney wanted to be here any longer. And while I’m not suggesting that someone, who was clearly a God Loving Christian, wanted to throw the gift of life back in his face, she, like so many others in the limelight was unable to bear the burden.

Let’s throw all the fame aside though. How about being a mother?

Apparently that wasn’t enough.

As far back as the 90’s there were danger signs. And when someone with unlimited resources is able to indulge their demons unchecked by things like money or entourage, the battle is one on the scale of David and Goliath. But what about that scripture – the one that says that God will not give you more to deal with than you can bare? It’s a conundrum to see it play out in public like this, during black history month, during the Grammys – the night before.

And speaking about the night before where were all her fabulous friends? Friends like Ray J – he of Kim Kardashian porn fame? That’s who she was with towards the end? What was Diana Ross on that she could go on partying at Clive Davis’ fete knowing that Whitney was a few floors above on a gurney.

No. A Statement I believe was being made here and I am holding to the fact that God is using Whitney to his greater glory. It has to be. Especially on the heels of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and others. They were all someone’s beautiful toddler at some point… innocent and full of love.

There will no doubt be so much written about Whitney Houston over the coming few weeks. The bottom line is that what happened is tragic though no one can really claim to be surprised. I remember seeing her first video on MTV “How Will I Know?” and I am instantly transported back to a time and place – the 80’s in Manhattan. A time when MTV was actually cool.

But we now live in the time of Snooki Polozzi. So I can only assume, Whitney had completed her mission and went home.

I have no doubt that she is waiting for the rest of her family in heaven.

Love you Whitney.

Whitney Houston.  The Question Isn't Why

Click for How Will I Know

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