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November 18th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

What’s there to give thanks about?

Ask my son and he’ll say he’s thankful about being in America with his mother and family. Ask my daughter and she’ll say she’s just happy. Such are the innocence of our kids. They’re pure. Not always good, but pure in spirit.

Ask Nando Parrado, the Uruguayan Rugby Player who along with 15 others survived for seventy-two, yes, 72 days in the Andes Mountains.

I watched, riveted, a movie on PBS called “Stranded,” about a group of people who had to survive in the barren snow covered mountains of Chile, surviving by any means necessary until they were forced to take measures, most of us wouldn’t be able to.

This incredible film relates a story, told in the words of some of the survivors, has rare film footage and pictures taken during the time that the group was stranded in the Andes, during and after the search for them was called off. Can you imagine? Listening to the radio and hearing that people had given up on you, left you for dead.

Death didn’t count on Nando Parrado.

This film celebrates the will to live and the indominable human spirit. When you see this film, you should have no cause to complain about anything ever again.

Here’s a link to the micro-site.

The Indominable Human Spirit - Flight 571

The Indominable Human Spirit - Flight 571


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