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November 21st, 2010 · 1 Comment · Social Commentary

Just saw this ridiculous PR spot for Beyonce about her new cologne. It got banned from TV in the U.K. oooohhhh…. must be hot!



That trick is so old – I’m just curious which old fart was the wise-ass that rolled that one out.

With Hip Hop being outright Predictable, and Rock being so tired that Alice In Chains has to come back, what does the music consumer have to look forward to?

Readers of my column know I like Abraham Inc., a Funk Machine with a big bad ass horn section featuring Fred Wesley (yes THAT Fred Wesley from James Brown’s band), David Krakauer – a world class concert clarinetist and Socalled a beat empresario from Montreal. They’re playing in NYC on February 2nd at Le Poisson Rouge.

But other than that – I’m dying to know what’s truly new and not derived. The last time I felt this way I went to Last FM and made note of what the college kids were listening too like Arcade Fire, Interpol and Death Cab for Cutie (all of whom are now mainstream).

This was in 2007 and note that Lady Gaga was not on any of the playlists (at least that I was looking at). I still have a theory about her. I think that some record execs were getting stoned and wanted to see who could out prank the other. They’re still laughing their asses off.

To wit…

Record Execs have a laugh

Record Execs have a laugh as they pull one over on the American Public

But as an overall concept, or sea change (that term is so old it’s okay to use it again), what can we look forward to?

I submit to you – that we will get the answer by looking into the past. To that end – here’s a clip from a show that I used to watch under my covers with my hands in front of my face I was so grossed out but couldn’t turn away from.

Not the kind of gross that I’m sorry to say that is some dumpy chick wearing meat. It’s gotta be a movement. Just curious as to who’s going to start it.

Here’s the old New Wave.


Click for THE OLD NEW WAVE - Circle Jerks on New Wave Theater

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