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June 19th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

From the What The Hell Is Going On? Department…

KATE MOSS CAUGHT ON CAMERA DOING COCAINE…. Oh wait that was 10 years ago.

These are the new breed, the new wealth. The post (?) internet boom billionaires and the companies that we look to everyday and not just let in our life, but count on them to make things easier and/or be socially connected. Let’s look at two of these Companies, whose websites I’ll admit I use everyday – Google and Facebook. Maybe can take a page out of these companies’ books – what do you think guys? Forget about focusing on Webcasting and Satellite Media Tours, shoots and red carpets…. let’s jump on the Icing Band Wagon!!! And mobile marketing and live to phone – pfffff!!!! Get me one of those Google Egg Pods.

There’s a great new website I found while looking for my new favorite tags – Lesbians and Cocaine. Both Lesbos and Coke seem to do really well in the search. Not many people care about technological innovation – especially if it’s Apple related because I’ve been dissatisfied at least 4 times with purchases I’ve made yet I was at the Talib Kweli performance at their NYC flagship store today. I left after two songs – it was sickening to see a bunch of Mac Hippies doing the hand bob – I don’t know how Talib Kweli kept a straight face. But I digress – and you may be able to accuse Steve Jobs of being a megalomaniac but he’s not a juvenile frat kid with lots of dough or Scientology like weirdo like apparently what’s going on at Google.

The website is but specifically ValleyWag’s column.

Check out some of the great stories:

Facebook CEO Jumps on Bros Icing Bros Trend, Makes Staffer Slam Smirnoff
Pakistan Investigating Mark Zuckerberg (again), Over “Draw Muhammad” Contest on Facebook
Why is Citing a Racist Website in an Immigration Blog Post?
Facebook Backer Peter Thiel Escapes New York
Shakeup Makes MySpace Look Even Shakier – Jason Hirschhorn is reportedly out at the News Corp. subsidiary after 16 months.
Googlers Take Naps In Bizarre Contraption
AOL’s Epically Embarrassing ‘Value Destruction’
Man Tweets Suicide Note, Proves Twitter Actually Touches Every Part of Human Life
Drug-Smuggling ‘Samsung Heiress’ Is Officially a Grifter

I wish I had a couple of hundred million dollars – I’d be a lesbo watching, vodka slamming, nap taking fuck-off. Btw – the dude slamming the Smirnoff (you’d think they’d get Grey Goose or Crop Vodka), is the guy who invented Firefox.

Ahhhh – maybe that’s why I’m not using it anymore – because Firefox sucks and has a zillion add-ons and updates daily. I’ve switched to – oh – yeah – Google Chrome.

Frat Games and Draw Mohammed contests at Facebook

I guess they didn’t learn anything from the Amy Winehouse smoking crack video. Look – we all have bad habits – even demons – just don’t put it (knowingly) on video.


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