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VMA Video Music Awards Highlight The Best (And Worst) of The New Breed

August 28th, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

What will Lady Gaga wear is the number 1 trending topic on Twitter. And it took me a few moments to figure it out. But coming out as a female Andrew Dice Clay – Pretty Good.

Which I guess meant Nicky Minaj had to try and wear something super ridiculous. I wasn’t sure if she was awful before.


Her Range is terrible, she can’t sing and is in my opinion just unimaginative. I thought Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress was the stupidest thing I’d ever seen worn in Public, but I guess the same Music Industry Execs who were howling at the one the put over on the public with Lady Gaga had to do it again this year with Nicky Minaj.

Just awful.

Sorry. But she’s so bad I’m not even going to spend a lot of time on this. Back to the show. I’m still wanting to switch from the VMA’s to what my daughter wants which is Baby Songs.

Though a nice touch bringing out Brian May of Queen at the end of her Pre-Show performance.

Nicky Minaj Ridiculous

Click to be Nicky Minaj Ridiculous #VMA best and worst

Britney Spears – Nice Touch Thanking God first and foremost.

Justin Bieber exposing himself for the dork he is. Sorry. I think that’s going to end soon.

Now two rappers coming out “rapping” something awful when my friend Natia says I think that’s Kanye. I’m thinking we’re still watching the Pre-Show so I’m like no that can’t be Kanye. But she insists and then I realize that yes – it’s Jay Z.

OMG – that’s one of the worst “songs”.

Best Rock to Foo Fighters. I like Dave Grohl. I guess they’re the new token rock band that U2 probably realizes they’re too old for this crap.

Coming up – the Amy Winehouse Tribute….. Aarrrghhh – same planet – different world.

Why does every hit song have to be a collaboration? Katy Perry Featuring Drake (best Kanye West). Pitbull featuring Neyo.

Was that Kim Kardashian alone in the audience?

Adele – her songs are very meaningful, musical, and will touch your soul. We need more of Adele. Her songs make an impact on people in a positive way.

People forget I’m an MTV Alumni. Brian McLane on MTV

CEELO, Bruno Mars, Eminem feat rihanna, Justin Bieber. And by the way where is Eminem?

And the winner for Best Male video is The Bieb! Thanking God and Jesus.

Sorry I just can’t get down, with Chris Brown. I think he’s having a seizure on stage?

Thank goodness Britney and Lady Gaga didn’t do the kissing thing. And why does Beyonce always have to perform with a fan on her? Terrible song. It reminds me of that movie based on Scrooge with Vanessa Williams. HA HA!

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