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April 29th, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Does the phrase “And Justice For All” mean anything anymore? There’s a saying engraved into the building down at 100 Center Street where cutaways for Law and Order are shot the reads something to the effect that the courts are there to ensure that every man (and woman) receive their just due.

Well, that’s how it is on TV.

However, Law and Order on the set needs to come to real life.

For years I watched Jerry Orbach and loved every minute. The multitude of cast incarnations gradually lost my interest but after reading today’s NY Daily News I may have to go back.

Just who are they hiring as cops and A.D.A.s? Wife beating, ticket fixing, drunk driving pretenders? It is certainly fodder for an episode of Law and Order (if they still make them).

Then all one needs to do is look at Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and how many times they have skated and the average person can, and has a reason to get quite upset.

According to the story in the news, a Bronx Assistant District Attorney was stopped not once but twice on suspicion of driving under the influence. Now while she doesn’t (didn’t?) work narcotics, I ask myself how many people are ushered through the justice system everyday for substance abuse related crimes. Then think about the thin line that separates those in law enforcement (or fireman for that matter) from the rest of us. That line is simply a test somewhere along they way that qualified an individual for a job protecting the rest of us. They’re still just people, vulnerable to the same temptations and faults as the rest of us.

Not only do peace officers and public servants need to be held to the same (if not higher) standard as the rest of us, but if they violate the law, they should be held accountable in the same way that the rest of us are.

So then, what’s going on here? Flat Out, this is corruption. No different than what Frank Serpico dedicated his life to fighting. Read this article in the Daily News and then tell me you haven’t had enough of this double standard and more importantly, how we can shine the light on those who facilitate this double standard. They are shameful.

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Troiano DWI -

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