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June 16th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Little did the Beastie Boys know how prophetic those words would be.

It’s World Cup Time, The NBA Finals with Celtics and Lakers (Christina Aguilera sang perhaps the best version of the National Anthem I’ve ever seen or had to listen too), Yankees are rocking Roy Halladay and the Phillies, Rick Steve’s is in Scotland (it doesn’t get better), Heroin comes to Long Island, WTF? on PBS of course.

This all made me think, how the hell do I get it all done? And run I think the little girl below is onto something and perhaps will reach out in that manner – we’ll have a dozen networks your interested in – and instead of Tivo, DVR, or BYON (Build Your Own Network), our IPTV station will have to come with a hardware device that accesses your brain directly which allows one to assimilate simultaneously 12 channels and hours of content at once. Also – you can filter by brand what you want to allow into your skull.

It’s the ultimate SKULL well….. you know….

Well I think the first reality is that the idea of getting 8 hours of sleep is a thing of the past. Also – thank god for mobile video and the mobile phone so we can digest content while we’re on the bus or in the bathroom. And so, in the words of Kurt Vonnegut, it goes.

Now there are some who will sit down and actually (and in my estimation futilely), try and map out hours. Felix Unger I’m not. Also I think the increasing globalization and the work we do with partners around the globe just requires people to be accessible at hours they normally wouldn’t be. Not everyone lives in New York and Thanks Be To God for SKYPE.

Nevertheless – I just want to watch all this television without flipping around all these different channels. So we have DVR but even then, all that’s going to do is require one to get a bigger and bigger hard drive. So I’ve come to the conclusion – at least for those of you who are much younger (I’m 46), it comes down to choices.

Family and Media – Just don’t go together. Heck I got busted looking at two hot Russian babes out at the Russian Cultural Awareness Festival and now I have to take my wife to see Sex In The City 2 as a punishment!!!! And after that beautiful post (May 26th in case your interested). Now I have even LESS time.

So while you ponder this here are some tips I found on

Lesson #1:Prepare your family for those killer 17-hour days.

Before tackling stretch goals, have a talk with your family. Tell them you’ve got a tough period of work coming up, why it’s important, and that you’ll have more time for them when it’s all over. Your spouse and children need to buy into your commitment. If they don’t, it will weigh on you — and you won’t achieve your goals.

Lesson #2: Work the hours that suit you best.

When deadlines hit, most people get here by 5 AM and leave around 10 PM My most productive work comes after seven in the evening. I work until one or two in the morning, head home and get some sleep, and return to the office around 9 AM I’m in the office for scheduled meetings, and I’ve got enough hours at the end of the day to make real progress on my most important work.

Lesson #3: When you reach the point of diminishing returns, recharge.

When fatigue kicks in and I realize I’m reading but not comprehending, I take a five-minute time-out. If I can’t solve a problem, I move on to a different task and come back to it later. Sometimes, I just have to go home and sleep on it. But I won’t let up — I still keep pushing myself.

Lesson #4: After completing a big project, take time to decompress.

The last one – the one about decompression – that never happens. But it’s nice to dream.

In the meantime – here’s the realty in picture and video. Here’s the Specials with TOO MUCH TOO YOUNG.



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