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October 14th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Tips for Dads part 2

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But getting good at being a dad is a continuous learning experience. And I know a lot of dads but it’s weird, none of my Dad friends talk much about their experiences and rarely share their insight unless it’s a “lean on me” situation.

So – by way of saving some of you guys new to the game some time; here’s another 10 items:

1. Check for poopie BEFORE you dress them. What a waste of time to put clothes on them (and by the time they’re one year old, you should know how to color coordinate and what looks cute) only to have to quickly undress them faster than any slimy greaseball that will perhaps get his hands on her later….. much later.

2. Let them air out before smearing on the Balmex (google it), however get the diaper on before a pish. Tricky.

3. Get good at doing stuff one handed and make use of the walk to do your emailing and blog such as I am doing now. Walk slow.

4. Bring home presents even little ones just because. Stores up marriage points that won’t go unnoticed by you know who.

5. Put baby in the crib instead of falling asleep with her on the bed. Too many close calls. If I need to rest she’s better off crying for a few minutes rather than her rolling off the bed.

6. What’s that in your mouth? When you see the chops moving, you gotta go in. They can choke on the littlest things.

7. Play, play, play. We’re going to the playground now to play Hide and Seek and other games.

8. Babies over NFL – Sofia McLane will have her first birthday Sunday. Oh well. And it’s Cowboys Vikings at 4:15. Thank goodness for DVR.

9. Talk to baby, about everything and a lot. It makes perfect sense to her. Don’t worry and it’s okay to be a goofball.

10. Take lots of pictures – Mom loves pics. Show mom every day what a little angel you have and prove how thoughtful you are. Use a site like Flickr or picasaweb and upload every month.

Here are some from today.


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