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June 9th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Lindsay Lohan, I’m starting to think you rule.

You’ve got EVERYONE watching.  What will you do next.  Have you considered mud wrestling Avril Lavigne.  Dana White of the UFC – Is there ANYWAY you can make this happen?  Think about the Media Strategy, the Publicity Bonanza – I mean, Don King couldn’t think this up in his wildest wet dream!!!

Lindsay, for those few who actually care though, I think you could seriously benefit from calling Robert Downey Junior.  It wasn’t too long ago when the cops found “Charlie Chaplin” sleeping off a nod on some stranger’s couch.  He did six months in the slammer but look at IRONMAN now.  And there was a great BIO doc on Aerosmith the other night – MGMT called in someone to fix Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.  And it worked.

So Lindsay what’s up.  I gotta say – I’m totally interested in seeing your Linda Lovelace movie.  Maybe that’s the point of all this – is it?  So you’re in the news again – with your ankle bracelet going off.  The SCRAM Bracelet.

According to the AP, Shawn Chapman Holley (I guess that’s her lawyer – what’s with the middle name – don’t Serial Killer’s use middle names?) issued a statement Tuesday saying the SCRAM bracelet indicated the presence of “a small amount of alcohol” on Sunday night. The troubled actress avoided jail time Tuesday after posting $200,000 bail for violating a court order banning her from consuming alcohol.

What is a SCRAM bracelet.  Well we like to talk about technology here on the forum, and, well, there is no bigger media relations mess than Lindsay Lohan right now right?  But as they say, it’s better to have BAD Public Relations than NO Public Relations.

From the internet….. ( ; )) “….. address this perceived need for alcohol monitoring generally, as well the shortfalls of all the available methods, a company that calls itself Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc.® (AMS) patented a device known by the acronym SCRAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor). The SCRAM device is worn as an ankle bracelet, and while in place the device monitors the subject’s blood alcohol transdermally, meaning it measures the migration of alcohol through the offender’s skin. The measurements obtained are then converted from a perspiration alcohol level to a blood alcohol content. While the common acronym for blood alcohol is BAC, and for breath BrAC, AMS saw fit to trademark a new acronym TAC for this purpose, which now means transdermal alcohol content.

In other words – don’t drink if you’ve got a bracelet on that can detect if you drink.

In celebration of the mess that is Lindsay Lohan and the success that the technology that SCRAM is – here is BAD HOTEL with CHICA MALA



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