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November 29th, 2009 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Just watching LX.TV on Channel 4, – which is what it took to get me on the Lap Top to post. It’s been fun but challenging with a new-born to keep it all going. Add in my new production facility – and there’s barely enough time for my new Rock Musical “EUROPA” which we’re performing some songs from on December 10th at Don Hills on Spring and Greenwich.

All shameless plugs now out of the way, I’m watching this show and it’s almost as if the Television universe which used to, I guess, cater to the real universe – has made a decision to just totally ignore the average person. Hmmm, maybe that’s why broadcast is plummeting and IP is continually skyrocketing.

Take LX.TV’s show first look. Are these people on a different planet. We’re happy that Michael Kors is doing so great opening up new stores and wants you to help pay the rent for them by selling items like watches (“that are must haves”). In what universe is this? Any rational person is going to look at their Berry, iPhone, or cheap POS for the time.

And going out? To these places that were featured in this show. How long will these places be around?

Here’s a good idea:

No cash

Can't go trendy anymore.

They featured Santos Party house not too long ago. The place was dead. Pass me a beer? Stores in Tribeca – no one in them! So again – were we transported to another reality? Where’s the cash coming from. Or is it that this was money that was already committed to and – well, it’s just a matter of time until it runs out.

For many of us (and I say this as someone who is fortunate enough to have been getting steady checks again), why not embrace the new reality and save money, get together with friends – unless you just want to admit that you’re an out-of-town interloper – trying to do things too many of us have lived nine lifetimes over. In other words, you can pay the piper now, or later. Cause 8 of the 10 features this show did tonight – in five years – all these businesses will be closed.

It’s just annoying that people still don’t get it.

Brian McLane still plays guitar at clubs like Don Hill’s and Santos Party House.

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