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May 25th, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

I’m on the subway and I notice how I’m the only one wearing a tie.

It’s not Friday…. casual Friday was a great idea. But the concept has extended to business casual, no tie needed, jeans and scruffy beard are okay for guys, sandals and hippie chic for girls…..


Doesn’t anyone care anymore?

Literally there were 30 or 40 people on my subway car and I was the only one wearing a tie. Maybe sales would be an easier gig if people felt they could relate to you. But it’s like, here you are, showing up in your tie, you must want money. Right?

To be sure I love getting dressed in the morning, time consuming as it is to get ready. Looking in the mirror, kissing the family goodbye and going to Wall Street. It’s so 60’s. I’m a throwback, or at least I can play the part of one. I still go out. This week I went to see Urban Blight at Webster Hall formerly the Ritz. (More on that at another time). But it’s not like when I went to see the New York Dolls having come from my job downtown. I looked like an FBI agent amidst a gathering of old punks.

So where does the tie come in?

One guy got fired for wearing a Green Bay Packers Tie to his Chicago area Car Sales Job. Remember that? There’s a funny ESPN commercial about the Red Sox fan (who is wearing a tie) showing up in the lunch area of his New York area job. “Wicked Great Game last night huh?”

While I can’t seem to find any bona-fide statistics on how many people still wear ties (and if you can find a post or article I’d be obliged if you can forward), I read on one forum the following observation:

“If you wear a tie, it shows that you are not working with moving machinery, that you are not working with anything “dirty”, or that you are not leaning over. Thus, the tie serves as a class divide. It is simply for fashion, and, by being simply for fashion, it shows that one is not of the lowest socio-economic standing. Therefore, people wear it to look the part of working in an office. The more comfortable you look while wearing it, the more those around you will believe that you are different from the lower socio-economic classes. Also, it is super phallic and points right at a man’s &^*$. Who needs a cod piece when he can just wear a tie?

Still want to see if you should be wearing a tie? Well good thing you asked. Here’s an interesting article about the difference between business casual and careless. Click the Tie Guy to read it.

The Last Guy Wearing a Tie

The Last Guy Wearing a Tie

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