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March 10th, 2011 · No Comments · Social Commentary

I was sad to read yet another story about a girl who fell to earth.

Every morning on the way to the office I pull up the NY Post on my Droid. I actually blogged once about how I wouldn’t give Ruppert Murdoch another dime after the NLCS blackout fiasco. And I would read the Daily News IF they had a mobile optimized version of their site. They don’t.

And if only the news was better.

Charlie Sheen, feuds between neighbors, financial scandals and then something caught my eye. A girl who was partying at 2 am (on a Monday night?), went over the terrace railing of some dude’s 2.8 million dollar apartment in Tribeca.

The article jogged my memory. Only a few months ago I remembered reading a virtually identical article with similar circumstances taking place on the upper east side…. and a few months before that… yet again the same (The 17-year-old daughter of the American Ambassador to Thailand fell to her death in Midtown).

The familys’ grief must be beyond measurable. How do we as parents avoid ever finding ourselves in such a situation. With boys, for the most part, drinking is unavoidable and comes with the territory… almost a right of passage. But with girls its different. I think its more of a peer pressure compulsion than with guys who like to get drunk, blow off steam, and have some laughs etc.

But there will be no more laughs for these girls. So what’s going on?

Well how about this. Only two days ago in the daily mail online (UK), research showed that girls aged 16 are getting drunk more often than their male peers.

“Increasing numbers of teenage girls are binging and killing the equivalent of half a bottle of vodka at a time. Half a bottle of vodka – uchhh. Sitting around a table with Georgian men you may have to represent and even then I’m spinning at the end of the night. So what’s up 16 year old girl?

Here are some eyebrow raising facts from a study from among 23 different countries:

  • In found Britain and Norway for instance girls drink more often than boys.
  • It is apparently, and increasingly socially acceptable in Europe here for women to be seen to be able to ‘drink like a man’.
  • Girls who binge drink are more likely to be bullies, perform badly at school, have unprotected sex….. do I need to go on?
  • Last night I took part in a meetup called NYC Dads. We There were about 15 of us and we all had kids no older than 6. 3 to 1 girls. We were talking about naps, and banging heads, and talking and walking, and how cute and adorable they are.

    None of us I’m sure can even imagine seeing our daughter passed out on a curb or high on a terrace…. but it’s something that you just have to take in and file for later. Because there will come a time when they get curious, and I have no strategy other than wait for that first time she comes home smelling like pot, or with alcohol on her breath, and making it as traumatic for her as possible. To save her from what could be her own bad decisions.

    Why can’t they stay young forever. Since this is fantasy, I’ll offer two more pearls from the article.

    “Girls are less likely to binge drink if they have very close bonds with parents – particularly their mother.”
    “Girls who regularly sit down to family meals are less likely to start drinking as they fear breaching their parents’ trust.”

    Image courtesy of Scott Snibbe “Falling Girl.” Music Video by Velvet Revolver.

    The Girl Who Fell To Earth

    The Girl Who Fell To Earth

    I’ll add one more…. and I’m just surmising… Girls (and boys) who have a relationship with God are less likely to binge drink and make the potentially fatal decisions that come with it.

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