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October 19th, 2013 · No Comments · Social Commentary

The Finality of the Facebook Unfriend.  National Unfriend Day

The Finality of the Facebook Unfriend. National Unfriend Day

The finality of “the unfriend”

How many times I’ll look up at my Facebook and see something in the feed about someone liking someone’s post only to stumble onto a thread about somebody unfriending someone else.

So many people use Facebook to keep in touch with and tabs on friends and family. It’s become a part of our lives to the extent that it is THE social network.

Along with this is the added dynamic of people reconnecting with each other after years. Sometimes you may see a mutual friend or look at a friend’s friends and send what may turn out to be an unanswered request to one of them.

As was the case in this one instance, two people who reconnected after years had a falling out over (what else) sports allegiances and one all of a sudden experienced the digital backhand of a dreaded unfriend.

People take this stuff too seriously. If someone (and it’s happened to me) because if someone is going to boot you from their life over Facebook, they couldn’t have been too close to you in the first place.

At least not in a recent sense.

Think about who your true friends are. Now can you imagine any situation where you would be done with someone because of a chat you had on Facebook?

Most likely not though someone who I was very close to for years and played music with decided after years on to look at my political views. I’m an independent. That wasn’t good enough for this dyed in the wool Democrat.

Unfriend me? Yes he did. Did it matter? Not especially.

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