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June 30th, 2010 · No Comments · Social Commentary

Sofia had a long day. She was getting restless in her stroller. Brother was playing soccer with his friend Luca. Godmother Natia’s boyfriend Vano, a.k.a. Ivan The Terrible, was looking at the front of her car after the accident she just had…. The Ukrainian lady who lives across the way was telling us about how she was moving out because she couldn’t stand the smell and the dust from the baker downstairs (see previous posts)….

Poor Sofi!!!

Time for Sofi to go upstairs.

Father had to wash his hands. But he couldn’t take a chance that little Sofia would roll off the bed or pull on a power chord. What should father do.

I know said father …. to himself ….. I’ll put little Princess Sofia in her crib.

Princess Sofia didn’t like that.

The phone rang. Father saw that it was the Merchant Bank. That can’t be good he thought. Especially since it’s Bank of America.

So Father let the call roll to Voicemail. And Sofia cried and cried. Father washed his hands as quickly as he could. Then took poor little Sofia out of the crib and tried to fake her out on the bed with a bunch of dumb tricks.

She didn’t go for that either.

Oh my goodness! She started crying, again.

So Father took her out into the living room and had an idea!!!

I’ll take a Valium he thought. But it took only seconds for him to reconsider. Drugs aren’t the answer in this case. Father takes Valium when people make him mad!

What to do?

Then, an idea came to him. He turned on Miffy and Friends.

Oh my goodness!!!

Little Sofia stopped crying the blue skies and within one On-Demand episode – she was nodding out. So Father put her in her crib and was able to do this blog.

Thank you Miffy…. “Sweet little Bunny….”

Miffy helps Sofia McLane Get To Sleep

Miffy helps Sofia McLane Get To Sleep

Now Father can go back to dealing with and all the craziness that goes along with that. Someone – maybe Father should start watching Miffy too?

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