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Taking a video instead of lending a hand. Beware Biker Thugs

October 7th, 2013 · No Comments · crime, Social Commentary

Culture of Video Taping and Not Lending a Hand - Biker Thugs

Culture of Video Taping and Not Lending a Hand – Biker Thugs

The culture of taking a video instead of lending a hand was in full effect when Biker Thugs beat Alexei Lien in front of his wife and two year old daughter.

The whole situation is a terrible one and it’s sad that anyone got hurt. The bottom line though is that it never should have happened. It is ironic that because the biker thugs would never have been caught if one of the biker thugs didn’t um…. upload it to YouTube?

You see other people taking videos as well when things like this happen but few who have the courage to lend a hand. Certainly not the police officers that were there.

Finally if you see Biker Thugs near you. Call the cops first and ask questions later.

If you find yourself near or in the middle of a swarm of bikers, the best thing to do is obviously not have any contact with them and certainly avoid hitting them at all costs. Slow to 10 mph if you have to and get ready to call 911.

And then a second incident the next day with 30 more riding up on the sidewalk doing wheelies. You can’t tell me not one cop noticed and radioed an alert?

On the lighter side and to demonstrate a point, check out this video. Watch the girl who’s filming in the coffee shop while all Satanic Hell is breaking loose in a West Village Coffee shop. Click the image above of the girl with the phone above.

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